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Home Sweet Home Insurance: How to Protect Your Investment

After closing on your new home or signing that lease and putting down your deposit, most people are feeling somewhat house-proud and cash-poor and the last thing they want to do is look for a way to spend even more money. However, it is vital to purchase home insurance coverage to protect your investment. 

Is Insurance really necessary? 

Some people think of insurance as a scam: they scare you into paying premiums on a policy you will never use. Surely if you just kept the premiums in the bank you could cover any damages and losses that might arise? The question you should ask yourself is, can you actually afford to lose your entire home and all of your possessions? In today’s world of turbulent weather, your house could be demolished by a tornado, buried in a landslide, or swept away in a flood. If you have properly insured your property, you will recoup your losses and will be provided with sufficient funds to rebuild your house.

Consider the risk of liability 

Even if you have enough money in the bank to completely rebuild your house, you should still insure it to protect yourself in case of a lawsuit. You are liable for the health and welfare of others visiting your property. If someone slips and falls on your porch because you negligently did not repair a broken step or if your dog bites someone, the injured party can sue you for millions in damage and suffering. If you have complete home insurance, your insurance company will take care of the lawsuit for you.  Therefore, it’s important to know that’s how you protect your investment.

Are there different types of coverage? 

There are different types and levels of coverage. A comprehensive policy will include all of these parts, but you can purchase policies with only some or one of them: 

  • Dwelling. Covers damage to the actual building itself.
  • Other structures. Covers damage to sheds, detached garages, swimming pools, etc. on the property.
  • Personal property. Covers furniture, jewelry, artwork, clothing, etc.
  • Loss of use. Covers rent or hotel fees while your house is being repaired or rebuilt.
  • Personal liability. Covers legal defense costs and any awarded damages if you are sued.
  • Medical payments. Covers medical costs for persons injured while on your property.


Life is uncertain and bad things happen. So, give yourself the peace of mind that comes with a comprehensive coverage policy. You’ve put a lot of time into the decision to buy the right house, now make sure you protect your  investment by getting homeowner insurance. 


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