Become an Affiliate

At Hometown Quotes, we generate our own insurance leads. But we will consider working with affiliate companies who are proven industry leaders with a track record of top quality leads from trusted sources. We offer premium payout rates for affiliates who would like to source our successful agents nationwide. We constantly monitor all affiliate traffic for quality, return rates, buyer feedback and close rates to ensure our Hometown agents’ success. We only work with companies who can guarantee their leads are Hometown Quotes’ worthy: not aged, incentivized, recycled or otherwise improperly sourced.

To qualify, affiliates must display high- to very-high SEO site traffic, produce a reported history of no ad-net traffic, no incentivized traffic, no co-reg., and have the proven ability to consistently generate only tier-zero leads. Additionally, affiliates must disclose their rankings on search engines, including but not limited to Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. Should you meet our requirements, we will consider working with you upon company review. Please do not contact us unless you meet or exceed Hometown Quotes’ requirements.