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Transform Your Business: Secrets of a Super Agent!

As an independent agent, you are conducting business in a highly competitive market where online consumers are contacted by multiple agents, so being the first to reach prospects is critical for lead conversion. To meet the demands of selling to online consumers, you need to know how to streamline your agency to go against any competitor.

In this webinar with Velocify, we take a revealing look at the day in the life of independent agent Ryan McClintock, Co-Founder and CEO of Kanopy Insurance. Ryan will cover how you can navigate through a complex and multi-tiered sales process, make the most of your leads with a limited budget, accelerate lead response and decrease your cost-per-sale.


How to Work Leads

With internet leads, response time matters. We discuss proven strategies, including a call-back procedure that gets a 93% conversion rate. We also talk about the difference between working your lead in the right amount of time, versus annoying a potential customer and driving them away.

So when do you call or send an email? In the webinar, we discuss time frames for how often and when it’s best to contact your lead. We also briefly discuss nurture campaigns for the leads that you might otherwise consider “dead.” After all, it’s your lead. The data remains in your system. I want to make sure you make the most of it with efficient use of your time.