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Holiday Road Trips and Auto Insurance for Safe Winter Travel

Holiday Road Trips and Auto Insurance: Navigating Winter Travel Safely

Holiday road trips and travel in the winter months create a high-risk liability season for auto accidents. While it may be expected for a certain road to be icy or slushy when you are close to home, black ice and other terrestrial dangers lurk in hidden places on new roads. Let’s consider some important aspects of holiday road trips and winter travel safety that you should be aware of before you hit the road.

Snow Tires

If you live in a region of the country where snow is more prevalent, investing in a set of high-quality snow tires can be a life-and-death decision. The typical all-season tires that most vehicles come equipped with from the factory tend to slide like hockey pucks in deep snow and on icy terrain.

The disadvantage of snow tires is that they often reduce fuel economy if you spend most of your time driving on well-plowed highways in a daily commute. You must also pay to have your tires swapped every year.

A high-quality snow tire will have an engineered tread with sipes and other traction designs molded into the tire tread. Sipes are simply slits that help to improve the responsiveness of handling and reduce braking distances in slick weather. High-quality tires are now engineered to proficiently wick away water and bite into the slickest surfaces with ease.

Rear-Wheel Drive

Front-wheel and all-wheel drive vehicles are preferred in the winter months. Rear-wheel drive vehicles, by contrast, tend to slip and slide all over the place because the engine isn’t putting any weight on the wheels.

A common trick for getting unstuck is turning the steering wheel to the left and right to find the right angle for traction, something you can’t do in a rear-wheel drive vehicle.

Advising rear-wheel drivers to carry some kitty litter or ashes, a set of chains that can be applied and removed easily, an emergency blanket, and heavy weights in the trunk are a few courteous tips agents can make.


Knowing about these tips and investing in the proper equipment for these road trips is an important aspect of being a well prepared driver. Improving the safety of your vehicles and driving habits can help reduce claims while simultaneously keeping your costs lower and your family safer. Why wouldn’t you do it?

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