Annuity Information

The life spans of Americans have been increasing for decades. It is not uncommon for retired individuals to live twenty or more years after entering retirement. This has created a need for a source of income that will not expire before you do. Annuities are one asset, along with Social Security, employer pensions, 401k plans, IRA’s and other assets that can enhance your retirement security.

Some of the advantages of annuities are tax deferral, avoidance of probate and an optional income guarantee for a fixed time period or for life. There are additional advantages of annuities but these three are the primary advantages of all annuities. Consulting with an insurance agent, banks or brokerages should be the first step in learning of all of the advantages that annuities can offer you and your specific situation.

To learn more about annuities and how they can impact your retirement needs, please submit some information about yourself and your information will be received by insurance agents in your community who can fill you in on all of the details you will need to know to make a smart, educated decision.

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