Gary Friedman

Chief Marketing Officer

“When you lock in the best partners and don’t mix in the bad, everyone sleeps better at night, because your quality never fluctuates.”

Gary FriedmanGary Friedman started his marketing career working for the president of a division of BMG Records. “He handed me a stack of records and a list of radio stations,” Gary recalls. With the instruction of getting the label’s music on the air, Gary quickly became the company’s top promoter. And a few years later, like music, the internet had grabbed Gary’s attention. Gary knew that web domains were the wave of the future, and he began working for Sony pictures. By 2000, Gary was launching online affiliate programs for such massive companies as a startup under Signity, who owns Swarovski and Golay. Next, Gary turned a mortgage-lead-generation company’s affiliate program into one of the top 3 in the US, with over 50,000 leads per month. By then, Gary was ready to launch his own company, Evolve Marketing.

From the first day Gary established Evolve Marketing in 2004, the company was profitable, earning more than 5.5 million in revenue within the first two years, with over a million leads generated. “I chose the right partners,” he said. “People with the best reputations.” And Gary’s partners and affiliates trusted him as well. “I never dabbled in anything but the highest quality sources. Companies sought me out for my exclusive leads because of the quality,” Gary insists.

As Evolve Marketing thrived, Gary met with Hometown Quotes’ CEO, Jon Kelly, and realized their joint venture would be profitable and exciting. “When you have the right people working in unison, there’s nothing you can’t achieve,” Gary believes. Gary is now Head of Marketing for Hometown Quotes. As his division continues to grow, so too does his vision for the company: “You hit the peak of a summit and look around for a higher one. You see where you are, and you always strive to become greater than what you were.”


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