HometownQuotes Announces First Employee Enrichment Guru

FRANKLIN, Tenn. – Keith Edmondson, official workplace trainer for Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace @ Work program, is the first ‘guru’ slated to speak for HometownQuotes’ monthly Employee Enrichment Program on Monday, February 12, 2007.

“The average savings rate in America is negative 0.6 percent. So for every $100 we earn, we’re spending $100.60, which leaves us nothing in emergency situations or retirement,” said Edmondson, who will offer ways for employees to change this statistic.

As a financial workplace trainer in the education division of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, Edmondson will introduce the HometownQuotes staff to a two-hour workshop designed to encourage employees to re-think personal spending habits and make saving a priority.

“People often think they’re the only ones struggling. Group discussions will highlight the fact that through entertainment, encouragement, group dynamics and accountability – it is possible to save money and be debt-free,” said Edmondson.

Studies show that financial problems contribute to stress in the workplace. This program will provide the HometownQuotes staff with knowledge to make more informed financial decisions and reduce stress in and out of the office.

Edmondson has worked with Dave Ramsey’s company, “The Lampo Group Inc.,” for six years and is the first in a series of speakers for HometownQuotes’ Employee Enrichment Program. The monthly seminars will offer associates a variety of workshops designed to provide personal and professional benefits.

Employees with companies of all shapes and sizes have benefited from the Financial Peace @ Work program.

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