Babies will come to work at HometownQuotes

Launch of Babies in the Workplace program will benefit working parents, babies and employer


FRANKLIN, Tenn. – Parents can choose baby AND work at HometownQuotes. The company is one of three documented companies in the Nashville area to establish a Babies at Work program according to the Parenting In the Workplace Institute – which has confirmed 102 participating companies nationally. This company initiative stems from the growing national trend designed to help new parents balance work and family. First-time mom and department manager Ambrosha Guerena is HometownQuotes’ first parent to take part in the program.

“As a working first-time-parent, I’m very grateful I’ve been given this option to bring River to work each day. I know many parents are often forced to choose between work and family. With this program, I can choose both. I will still be able to oversee my department and I will also get to spend these early months bonding with and breastfeeding my new baby,” said Guerena.

ambrosha_2HometownQuotes anticipates its Babies in the Workplace program will be a success. Having sought professional assistance from the Parenting in the Workplace Institute and guidance from other companies that have successfully implemented the program, HometownQuotes is treating this like any other workplace policy.

“We understand that advance preparation is vital to making this work. We’ve created a policy that has plans and provisions in place for any situation that may arise. We have a strong family culture at HometownQuotes and because so many working parents choose to quit work after having a baby, we believe this will help us retain those team members,” said HometownQuotes’ Chief Financial Officer Bob Klee.

The company sees multiple benefits to the program:
1) Parents can continue progressing in the workplace.
2) Babies get valuable attention and bonding time.
3) The company retains parents and eliminates time and money spent on training temporary workers or replacements.

While policies vary company-to-company, HometownQuotes allows parents to bring their babies to work until the child is 6 months old or mobile.

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