The Value of Paid Search Leads

Thin mints. Samoas. Oh, and don’t forget those delicious, peanut-buttery Do-si-dos.

The Girl Scouts have a tasty, popular product. But cookies don’t sell themselves right? If you’re the parent of a Girl Scout who is determined to reach her quota, you can count on hours spent watching her from the sidewalk while she rings doorbells and makes her pitch, and at least one repetition of your route to catch those who weren’t home the first time.

Some won’t buy no matter how friendly she is—maybe they’re on a diet or don’t eat gluten. “That’s the thing about sales,” you tell her. “You’re going to face rejection. Just keep trying, honey. You’ll find the people who want them.”

On the outside, you’re the model of a supportive parent. On the inside, you’re itchy to get home and imagining there must be an easier way. Like, what if you hung a sign above the entrance to your neighborhood that said, “Our little Jenny’s selling Girl Scout cookies! If you want ‘em, stop by on your way home and place your order!” Next thing you know, here comes a line of hungry snackers, dollar bills clutched in their hands, approaching your door to sign up on her list…

In your imagined scenario, your daughter’s sales process became much easier because your banner narrowed her prospects. Instead of wasting time on people who weren’t home or weren’t interested, you found the customers who wanted her product and were motivated enough to come and ask to purchase it.

This is just like search engine marketing leads.

In the insurance business, a search engine marketing (SEM) lead is generated after a consumer shopping for insurance goes looking for it online. That person not only clicks on an ad, he or she is also motivated enough to fill out a form so that someone (you) can contact them with to give them information or a quote.

These are not the gluten-free neighbors, they’re the ones who are lined up at your door. They are highly motivated consumers, ready to purchase products that you have available to sell.

Hometown Quotes offers SEM leads and makes sure they are delivered to you just moments after the consumer fills in their contact information. They are always “fresh” leads. If you act quickly, your odds of closing the deal increase exponentially over traditional leads.

If you’ve never tried SEM leads before, we invite you to do so. We think you’ll be pleased when you realize how much easier it is to sell to consumers who are more open to hearing what you have to offer and more inclined to close a deal. Give us a call at 1-800-385-7869 or Click Here for any questions you have or to get started.

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