How Insurance Agents Can Distinguish Themselves As Experts

As an insurance agent, you want to stay ahead of the trends and stand out from others in your region. Doing so can mean the difference between a lucrative and long-lasting career or washing out alongside colleagues and competitors, who failed to keep up with the times. To make it, you’ll want to establish expertise in a certain area, or a number of different areas related to the line of products that you have to offer. While becoming an expert sounds scary (and a little conceited), you’ll be glad to know that you’ve probably got all the tools in place now to make it happen.

(And it’s not conceit; it’s business!)

In order to differentiate yourself from the endangered, here are some tips you can utilize today.


One: Start A Blog.

The non-Net savvy may continue to look at blogs as digital vanity presses wherein anything and everything is discussed with no clear purpose. If that’s your understanding, be prepared to change your thinking. The insurance agent is in a position to really connect with his customers (and potential customers) through the publication of a well-targeted blog. In order to make your blog successful, don’t get caught up in plugins and tech speak. Instead focus on your customers. What are their questions and concerns? You can fashion your posts to meet those demands as a value-added service. If you can make the complexities of insurance accessible to them, you’ll be their go-to expert in no time.


Two: Tap Into Your Chamber Of Commerce.

With the Internet making marketing and networking more accessible than ever before, it’s easy to lose sight of your local Chamber of Commerce’s value. But you would be wise to keep that membership in effect even as you forge ahead with digital solutions for establishing yourself as an expert. By attending Chamber functions, you can build relationships with other professionals and parlay those relationships into something special. After all, many of these pros will be employing the people who could most benefit from your line of products. A good relationship with them is a foot in the door to a wealth of clientele, all of whom have questions that you can answer.


Three: Consume All The Latest News And Developments In Your Field.

Insurance is a dynamic world, and every day there is great research that you can find a place for in your business — if for no other purpose than to establish or deepen credibility. You can use the latest facts and figures while keeping your finger on the pulse of your community’s insurance needs. Then, you can utilize the Chamber or other resources to teach seminars on what any changes on the horizon could mean for the individual insurance customer and/or the employer who provides insurance products as part of their benefits package. There’s a very good chance that most of the insurance agents in your area are comfortable with their routines and outreach methods. By treating insurance like the ever-changing world that it is, you can be worlds ahead of others selling insurance in your area.


Finally: Make It Easy For Customers To Reach You.

You don’t have to dole out your personal phone number to give customers a way to reach you any time of the day or night. By sharing social media profiles, your customers can always feel connected to you without intruding too much on your personal space. They’ll appreciate the fact they can drop you a line any time with the anticipation that it’ll be answered in a timely manner. That not only puts you in the role of expert, it’s also one more way of giving every insurance customer what they’re really after — peace of mind.


In Summary

Insurance is changing. More people are buying online. However, the role of the expert will remain even if the role of the agent changes significantly. Start today by building a functional blog, staying visible in the community, networking with employers, and offering your expertise publicly on the topics that matter to customers. With a multi-pronged approach, you’ll be the first and last person insurance leads think of regarding their insurance needs. Good luck out there.

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