Homeowners Insurance: Unusual Things You Probably Don’t Realize Are Covered

If you think you know all there is to know about homeowners insurance, think again, because there are some unusual circumstances that your policy will actually cover that you might take for granted.

While having a good insurance agent as a guide can help, it always pays to be knowledgeable about what you’re paying for. You never know when one of these accidents might occur. If it does, you’ll be glad you had the foresight to “think outside the box” with respect to any resulting claims.

Here goes:

  • Lightning strikes. While you might have heard that a tree falling on your house as a result of a lightning strike is covered, you might not realize that the actual bolt of lightning itself is generally covered if it decides to forgo that tree and hit your house directly. True, you’ll have to pay your deductible — when will you not? — but everything else is likely handled.

  • Airplane crash. With so many amateur pilots testing out their wings these days, you never know when a biplane will fly straight through your house. If that happens, first make sure everyone is okay. Then exhale, because your provider has your back.

  • Satellite crash. Satellites are more abundant than they were a few decades ago, and our technology-rich lives are the better for it. However, the increasing presence also increases the odds that one will end up in your backyard. Should any damage occur, thank your lucky stars that you have homeowners insurance. On a related note, your policy will also usually cover meteors.

  • Volcanic ash. Citizens of Pompeii, rejoice! If your home is located near an active volcano, thus putting you at risk for damage caused by volcanic ash, you are generally taken care of. However, other natural disasters — like earthquakes and sinkholes — are not.


Why Is It So Important To Know This?

Whether you buy from an agent or directly online, you’re going to face a lot of minute details concerning what your homeowners insurance policy will cover, and what it won’t. With the major things — storm damage, vandalism, etc. — you probably won’t have a problem remembering.

But not all accidents are convenient. Sometimes the claims can get downright weird, and that’s why it helps to have someone experienced look over your policy before you finalize it.

For example YourMoney reports of a homeowner near the beach who rented his property to a group of young people in their 20s for two weeks. When he returned, he found “they had created an indoor beach including sand and water to emulate the sea,” the site claimed, adding that the youngsters excuse was that the real beach “hadn’t lived up to their expectations.”

In another case, a swan flew in to some power lines towering above the vacation house of one homeowner. The shock zapped the swan through the roof of the owner’s place.

Last but not least, YourMoney shared a claim where the homeowner “was shocked to find out that his house had been turned into a brothel by his guests during a four-week rental period.” As a result, the house required a deep clean and the “replacement of soft furnishings.”

In example one and three, the homeowners could have saved themselves a lot of trouble by first checking the fine print of their policies to ensure that such oddities were covered. In the second case, it was just the type of an unusual circumstance you don’t think about needing to file a claim on when you purchase your house.

It isn’t known which, if any, of these situations were covered; but the point is, you don’t want to wait until they actually happen to find out.


In Summary

Homeowners insurance may not be the cure-all to whatever incident or accident that you face while living in your house, but it provides a deeper safety net than you think, and by knowing the fine print, you’ll be able to protect your interests more easily.

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