5 Horrors Your Homeowner’s Insurance Can Protect You From This Halloween

On Thursday, an army of monsters, ghosts, and goblins will take to the streets and target the homes in your neighborhood with a ravenous door-to-door rampage. Their one demand: candy. Lots of it. Just drop a fistful in the bucket, and no one gets hurt.

These are the trick-or-treaters, and each year, it’s more of the same: ringing doorbells and insurmountable cuteness. While it’s often a time of great joy for all participants — trickers, treaters, and door-greeters — it can also be a night with its own share of risks, particularly to homeowners. Thankfully, if you live in a neighborhood that is in danger of a trick-or-treat invasion, your homeowners insurance will have you covered from these five real-life horrors.

5. Vandalism.

Around the time a child turns 12 years old, he or she can start developing a new kind of interest — one that isn’t so cute. It involves buying or stealing a carton of eggs or scooping up a sack of dog waste and flinging it at your house. It can also take the form of rolls and rolls of toilet paper thrown across your home in a structure-wide mummy-wrap of mischief. Sometimes the actions can get even more severe than that. When it does, it’s nice knowing that, should you incur costly damages as a result of vandalism, your homeowner’s policy can help you with the costs of cleanup.

4. Accidents and Injuries. 

Say an excited toddler, who has just found his legs, takes off stumbling across the front yard on a beeline to your door (and his next haul of candy), but he doesn’t see the dip or pothole waiting for his little foot, and instead takes a teary tumble. Accidents like this can lead to trips to the doctor, and from there, it can get costly. This is yet another way that homeowners insurance can provide peace of mind. If needed, your policy can make sure that you’re not held personally liable for any such incidents should they happen. In fact, any injuries or property damages that can be tied to your property are nothing to worry with at all!

3. Fire Hazards.

While homeowners insurance can always protect you against the fallout from a fire, it’s particularly useful every October 31st when electronic yard decor malfunctions or someone knocking over a lit jack-o-lantern are distinct possibilities. You can’t always be around to stop a situation like this from escalating. After all, what happens if the blaze breaks out while you’re at a haunted house, carnival, or Halloween party? This can lead to massive property damage, and it also presents additional risks to the unusual amount of foot traffic your home will receive. (See No. 4.)

2. Theft.

Again, you’re out at a party or the movies or <insert outrageously fun Halloween activity here>. It’s getting late in the evening, and the trick-or-treaters (i.e. witnesses) are in short supply. Thieves love to see an unlit house at around 9 pm. It’s a sure sign no one is home, and the contents inside just seem like easier pickings. It’s not uncommon that they will spring into action for a little trick-or-treat haul of their own. Thankfully, homeowners insurance guards against loss of personal property should you become one of the unlucky victims.

1. Lightning Damage and Other Natural Hazards.

“It was a dark and stormy night….” This line is synonymous with many a horror tale, though we’re not actually sure how many have actually used it. Halloween takes place right in the middle of a seasonal transition, and some parts of the country must endure their own share of “dark and stormy nights” as a result. If one should occur on or near Halloween, you may find yourself dealing with the headaches of unforeseen property damage, but it won’t stop you from being covered.

In Summary

Many of the risks that are at play throughout the year find themselves amplified on Halloween night. With so much foot traffic beating a path to your door, you never know what may happen to put you, your family, and your home at risk. Luckily, homeowners insurance provides protection against both natural and manmade errors, and it will be there continuing to do so through the entire season and long after you’ve handed out your last KitKat.

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