5 Affordable Home Fixes Your Home Insurance Customers Should Keep In Mind

A home purchase is only as good as how much the homeowner is willing to upkeep it. While you can provide service and knowledge to homeowners from an insurance perspective, it’s up to them to do the work it takes to maintain the value of a home and make it attractive for the eventual resell. As an agent, you can provide information to your home insurance clients as a value-added service. One way to do that is by offering tips on affordable and effective home repairs and maintenance.

To help you out with this, we’ve turned to our friends at Allstate for some advice, and here’s what they had to say regarding home improvements that can be made for less than $5,000 while adding enormous value to the home over the long run. Here’s what they recommend.


One: Fresh Paint.

If one lives in an all-wood home, then the repainting expense will probably be bigger than $5,000, but if your clients are like most homeowners — brick and/or siding — they’re going to enjoy a major benefit from applying a fresh coat of paint to the necessary portions of their homes. As Allstate points out, “Applying a fresh coat of paint is one of the simplest and cheapest ways to take an old room from drab to fab.” The company recommends doing the job oneself for extra savings.


Two: Brighten The Lighting.

It’s amazing what bright and vibrant lighting can do for the appeal of one’s home. Light fixtures can range from cheap to expensive — it all depends on the homeowner’s tastes — but Allstate notes that a $5,000 budget should be all the average homeowner needs to add lighting that is both fashionable and functional. One important note to this: avoid gimmick lighting. Trendiness can be a very dangerous thing when it comes to resell value. One is better off going with something timeless and elegant — something that has been in style for as long as Americans have been building and living in homes. Bright white or yellow with fixtures that blend into the room work best.


Three: Caulking And Tile.

Bathroom renovation can be especially important, Allstate notes, adding that one should “Start by re-caulking around sinks, showers, toilets and tubs to get rid of unsightly grime” and then “pick out some affordable new tiles for the floor” to make a noticeable impact.


Four: Clean Up!

Cleaning out the clutter in one’s home can be an enormous morale booster in feeling better about where they live. If your customers want a simple way to get the ball rolling, then they should go through their belongings and get rid of anything they haven’t used in a while. Allstate provides a few more tips on how to do this effectively: “Set aside a weekend and collect all the useless items cluttering up your abode. (You probably don’t need any electronic device made before 2000, and that cargo-pocket phase you went through? Mistake.) Throw out the junk, sell anything that might yield more than $5 at a yard sale or on Craigslist, and revel in the newfound order you’ve created.”


Five: Kitchen Accents

Allstate notes that as long as one’s major kitchen appliances are still functional, there is no pressing need to update them. Therefore, kitchen repairs and maintenance can be kept to knobs, pulls, and counters, which can be handled very affordably.


In Summary

Homes occasionally do require more major fixes, but in order for your home insurance leads & customers to feel good about where they live and maintain resale value, they don’t have to break the budget. Just remind them that as their home values increase, so, too, should their coverages in order to avoid coming up short in the event of a catastrophe.

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