6 Homebuyer Apps And One House Shopping Must

Technology has made everything easier, even the dreaded house-hunt. If you and your family are considering the purchase of a home, you’ll find that there is a better way than driving up and down the streets of your city looking at For Sale signs. But how do you cut through the clutter of millions of mobile applications on Android/iTunes? We turned to Nationwide Insurance for answers to these questions.

The company offered recommendations on finding a real estate agent, comparing prices, buying furniture and even decorating! That’s quite a bit to remember, but here’s what they recommend for sailing the choppy waters of home shopping.


Looking For An Agent? Try READ

The READ Facebook app is one of the better on the market for connecting you with people who know what they’re doing and who will have your best interests at heart throughout the entire process. “You want a real estate agent who knows the market and understands what you’re looking for,” Nationwide explains. “The Real Estate Agent Directory (READ) Facebook App lists more than 300,000 agents in 15,000 U.S. cities. You can connect with an agent – via smartphone or computer – by typing in your location and selecting the level of expertise and the credentials you want.”

How about that? Finding a qualified agent from your living room sofa: how novel!


Wondering Who’s Reputable And Who Isn’t? What About The Amount You Should Be Paying For A Home? Try Zillow

If you need something that drills a little deeper beyond the surface of agents who meet your criteria, try Zillow. The Zillow app allows you to check the report card on a specific agent so you’ll know whether to have concerns, keep looking, or shop in a more carefree manner.

Zillow shows recent sales and it also helps you determine the price you should be paying for a home. “Just as you compare agents, you’ll also want to compare properties,” Nationwide explains. “Zillow displays other homes in the area you’re interested in and their selling prices. The app provides ‘Zestimates’ – projected current market values for most homes in the U.S. You can also use your smartphone’s GPS to view Zestimates for houses that are near your current location.”

This should keep you from paying too much, and carrying the ultimate bargaining power into each transaction.


Want To Narrow It Down To The Right Listing For Your Purposes? Redfin Can Help

With Redfin, you can see homes that are for sale on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and take comfort in the fact that it updates every few minutes for an always-up-to-date service. “The app also notes changes in house prices and displays nearby open houses,” Nationwide notes. “The newest app feature, ‘Hot Homes,’ lets potential buyers know which homes have the greatest chance of being sold within 2 weeks of being listed.”

Love Redfin for the open house feature alone. Why drive around aimlessly when you can efficiently plan house visits on your day off and still have a little time left over?


Did A Home Jump Out At You And Pique Your Curiosity: Homesnap Has The Dirt

If you’ve ever been driving around with home shopping on the brain, but you weren’t exactly looking for a house to buy in the moment, but lo and behold, there it is, the Holy Grail, then Homesnap can help. By simply snapping a picture, you get all the details on that home.

With Homesnap, Nationwide states, you don’t have to contact anyone for more information. Talk about DIY!


Is It The Right Color Or The Wrong Color? ColorSchemer Has Answers

If you’ve bought your home and you’re wanting to decorate in the best possible manner, then luckily, the ColorSchemer app is here to help. Specifically designed for the pro and amateur interior designer, it’s easy to operate and impeccable in results. “Once the buying process is over, you’ll still have plenty of work to do,” Nationwide claims. “Painting the walls is a good place to start. ColorSchemer lets you sift through a rainbow of colors to see what suits your taste. Not only can you get ideas and inspiration, but you can also share your ideas and inspiration with the ColorSchemer community.”


Finally, Get The Interior Layout Mastered With SnapShop

Say you happen upon a piece of furniture and wonder, “How would that look in my empty room?” SnapShop lets you virtually insert pieces of furniture into your home before unloading the money for them.


One Thing To Remember About The Home-Buying Process

While apps can help you become a more informed and prepared homebuyer, they can’t close the deal for you. Remember that it’s currently a buyer’s market in many parts of the country, and that means great choice on prices and inventory. If you want a deal that you can feel good about at a price that doesn’t break the budget, be willing to walk away if you feel like you’re giving up too much. With the right apps and an embrace of technology, you’ll be sure to get the home and the price that makes you happy.

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