Five Tech Tools Every Agent Should Be Using

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Most agents agree that technology is vital to success in the 21st Century, but many fail to utilize it to the best of their abilities. They may have a Facebook page or a website, but they never promote it, and don’t really understand how either tool does them any good.

And they’re right.

If you don’t use it, it really is a waste of money and time. More importantly, it places you at a disadvantage when it comes to the competition. In that spirit, we’ve put together five tech tools you can, and should, be using today.


One: Mobile Websites

Mobile sites are easy enough to implement. If you outsource to an IT company or have a web pro on your team, they can do this for you with little effort and cost. Making your website mobile-friendly shows that you are willing to meet your potential customers where they are — on their phones and tablets. More people are getting away from the desktops and laptops and accessing information on the go. They want answers to their questions as soon as possible, and they want to be able to ask without headache. By implementing a mobile-friendly site, you ensure that they don’t have to wait until they’re in front of a computer to take action. They can submit queries while they’re at work and unable to talk or stop and take time to engage in a long conversation.


Two: Social Media

Facebook is probably the most widely used and simultaneously misused tech tool in the business world. Instead of keeping things professionally driven, many businesses have a tendency to stand on a soapbox or voice beliefs that have nothing to do with the products and services that they supply to customers. It’s important not to fall into the trap of thinking that your business’s online social media profile is an extension of you. Customers care more about getting good coverage at a fair price than they do about what you thought of the game last night.

For social media to be effective, it must also be a community where people interact. The only way you can get them to do that is by posting good content. Encourage visitors to ask questions if they have any. Run contests and promotions to keep things fun and exciting. Support charitable causes. All of these things are good for business, and Facebook is one of the best venues to spread the word. Regardless of which social networking sites you use, though, get across the point that your page isn’t an Internet ghost town. If you do, activity will pick up.


Three: Website Promotion

Websites still matter. Whether we’re talking about your print marketing materials, an interview that you give on the local news, or an organized SEO campaign, make sure your URL is seen. Get it out into the community as soon and as often as you can, and people will remember it whenever they have an insurance inquiry.


Four: Screen Sharing

Screen sharing technologies allow you and a potential client to interact with one another when in-person meet-ups just aren’t practical. Instead of trying to break your backs to see each other and discuss options, you can present facts and figures regarding coverage on your customers’ lunch breaks.


Five: Lead Generation Tools

Here, you have to tread carefully. Many sites fail to keep tabs on the number of times a lead’s name has gone out to the agents that they service. They fail to validate and filter leads, and end up wasting the agent’s time. At Hometown Quotes, we’ve committed to validation and filtration. We understand agents and know that you’re not looking for volume as much as you are quality. We’re able to deliver numerous leads by territory, insurance type, customer preferences, and other filters you set in place, while keeping costs affordable.


In Summary

Technology has altered the insurance business dramatically over the last few years, but customers still depend on agents to guide them to the best coverages and policies. However, they also expect a level of service that is second-to-none and uniform across all channels. Only by meeting them on this new turf can you hope to stay connected and relevant as the industry continues to change. The types of tools mentioned above will get you started, but learn as much as you can about them and don’t lose sight of human relationships. They still go a long way in winning customer loyalty and granting peace of mind.

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