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I have a few questions about my health insurance policy. I was recently accepted into an affordable private insurance plan with a major company, but there are a few details I’m worried about.

I have sleep apnea, which I detailed on the application, but I forget to list that I also have spinal problems. I am 291 lbs., but I said I was 272 lbs. Other than those two specifications, everything was correct.

My current coverage is a COBRA conversion plan with a major company that is very expensive. I would really like to stick with this new policy, but can they reject me if they find out about those errors? Can they kick me out, even though they initially accepted me?

I’ve also heard that health insurance rates increase every year. Can the insurance company raise my deductible more than others on the plan?


An insurance company could cancel your account with no coverage afforded due to the errors on the application even if they initially accepted you. It would be in your best interest to call the health insurance provider and explain the mistakes and find out if there is a change in the rate. The last thing you would want to do is think you have secured a health insurance policy, only to find out you were cancelled on a technicality.


When I apply for health insurance, what kind of medical test is required?


Depending on your medical history, most health insurance providers will not require you to take any kind of test. If you are required to take a test, it can be as simple as a urine sample and a height and weight measurement or as complex as blood work and an EKG.

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