Health Insurance – Eye Catching Benefits You Can’t Pass Up!

“What should be in my policy?”

The perfect health insurance plan will include FIVE vital components:

  1. International coverage – Are you covered worldwide for non-emergency care?
  2. Annual dollar limit you can afford out-of-pocket – Make sure your pocketbook can handle your policy’s annual maximum
  3. Ability to see specialists without a referral – If you or your loved ones have a serious or life-threatening illness, you don’t want to have to beg for the best treatment.
  4. Vast coverage limit that shouldn’t ever be exhausted, even for the most catastrophic medical expenses – A key idea to keep in mind when shopping for your health insurance policy is to find one with no limits, if possible. If this is unattainable, find a maximum policy limit of $1 million per claim or $2 million per lifetime.
  5. No internal policy limits – Do not purchase a policy that has internal policy limits.

“What coverages should I have under my health insurance?”

Your health insurance policy should include several coverages…

Physician’s expense – covers your doctor’s office visit or hospital visit

Hospital expense – takes care of room, board and services while you’re in the hospital

Surgical expense – pays for any surgery related fees or costs

Major medical insurance – provides a very high maximum benefit formulated to protect you against losses from major injuries or illnesses

“Perks of health insurance?”

Double check your health insurance policy. It MIGHT include the following benefits:

1. Vision
2. Maternity care
3. Preventive care
4. Mental health benefits
5. Prescription drugs
6. Dental

Sites like HometownQuotes help you compare health insurance quotes quickly. To receive an insurance quote online, most comparison sites will ask for personal information. It is very important to answer truthfully when you are completing these applications. Otherwise, your insurance quote may not be as accurate as possible.

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