Chad DiPrince

Director of Online Media

“We want to ensure our agents the best leads and the best experience. I do everything with that in mind”

Chad DiPrinceChad DiPrince’s multifaceted experience has led him to become, as Head of Marketing, Gary Friedman describes, “Invaluable.” One of the few people that can wear each hat in the company and do them all great!” Chad began his career in newspapers and developed marketing platforms for local, small businesses in Denver, Colorado, before launching national internet campaigns. Additionally, Chad also produced a highly successful website featuring top journalists from around the world.

Chad’s technical ability, marketing acumen and writing skills congealed once when he began working with Gary Friedman and CTO, Matt Macchia. “We just knew we’d work well together,” Chad explained. “That’s what’s great about this company, everyone wants to be here.” The relationships Chad built with his coworkers extended to the smooth merge with Bob Klee and Hometown Quotes. “Most mergers aren’t easy but this one was seamless because it just made sense. We have the technology, he has the relationships with agents. Our resources work hand in hand to create a collaborative environment where everyone contributes.”

And Chad understands the matrix involved with a dynamic company. He oversees each aspect of Hometown Quotes’ internal procedures, from developing the product, marketing and design, as well as the technical aspects of how it will affect both internal and external user experiences. “We generate our own leads, so we have to make sure they’re from quality sources before we send them to our agents, and we’re very white hat. We’re just as concerned with who our product lines attract as we are about our quality.”


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