Bob Klee


“Building valuable relationships through honest, trusted quality, that’s what got me started and that’s what keeps me going.”

bob-smile_sqBob Klee’s transition  from insurance agent to President of Hometown Quotes was a natural one. Armed with a degree in business administration from California State University, Long Beach, Bob purchased a Yamaha/Honda motorcycle dealership back in 1982. After selling that company, he spent a great majority of his time working with insurance companies and agents. However, Bob felt he could do more for his customers if had a better understanding of the industry. Bob’s son, Hometown Quotes’ system administrator, Rob, explains, “When I was a kid, I’d be sitting at my desk doing my homework, and Dad would be sitting at his desk reading insurance books and trade magazines. He became a student of insurance.”

Bob earned his insurance agent’s license in 1985 so he could protect and educate his customers. Bob explains, “Everyone has to have insurance, but not everyone gets what they really need, which is the right coverage at the best price.” Bob owned several insurance agencies, starting as an Independent Agent in California. He went on to own a Farmers Insurance agency, followed by Allstate agencies in Kentucky and Tennessee, before selling his last agency in 2006 as Hometown Quotes became successful. Bob built his client base on the premise of offering true value and finding the right coverage for each one of his customers. “He’s the most selfless person I’ve ever known,” Rob explains. “Maybe too much so. He’ll do anything for anybody.” Still, as an agent, Bob felt that despite his hard work and motivation, the quality of the internet leads he was working with to grow his agency just wasn’t there, so Bob decided he could generate better leads and make it right for other agents. Bob co-founded Hometown Quotes in 2003. With his team of fellow agents and dedicated staff, Bob has watched Hometown Quotes grow from a true grass roots start-up above his garage to a nationwide company that genuinely helps people. And Bob has enjoyed mentoring his clients/agents along the way, ensuring that agents match with individuals and that customers find the insurance they need.

As Bob focused on his business relationships, he recognized the need for advanced technological and marketing support. In the spring of 2012, Bob met with CEO, Jon Kelly, and CTO, Matt Macchia, co-founders of This or That Media (a lead-generation company) to discuss merging the two companies, which by the end of 2012, they did. “It just made sense,” Bob explains. “They have the technological power to offer our agents the best leads in the business. Not only that, but now we can provide a suite of services, including web support, marketing, education and, of course, give our service guarantee to our clients.” Moving forward, Bob envisions Hometown Quotes growing into one of the top three Insurance leads companies in the industry. “We may not be the biggest, but we’ll be the best. And we’ll always be Hometown Quotes and everything that stands for.”

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