My 5 Essential Networking Tips for Your Next Event

My 5 Essential Networking Tips for Your Next Event
I worked as an agent for over twenty years before founding Hometown Quotes, and I’ve learned a lot of networking tricks that helped me overcome any anxiety and expand my network of friends and colleagues. I find Cates’ article “10 Commandments of Event Networking,” informative and wanted to share my top 5 tips from his list with You!

1) Remember names: I’ve heard that if you say a person’s name 5-10 times, it is easier to commit to memory. When I meet with a new contact or client, I try to make an effort to say their name while I’m talking to them. There’s no need to begin each sentence with it, but throw it into the conversation often enough that it’s easy to recall later on.

2) Make introductions: When I’m at an event, I try to think of my professional network and create ways to introduce everyone. I might ask myself, What do they have in common or What might they find an interesting topic to discuss? The internet allows us a diverse network of connections, yet it’s rare that many of these people ever have an opportunity to meet in person. When I connect one person with another, it strengthens my relationships with both by creating a firm support system of people who know each other and can work together. Plus, helping colleagues connect with fellow trusted professionals is just good business.

3) To be interesting, be interested: The best person in the room to talk to is the one who’s interested in what other people have to say. Be that person, and you’ll naturally sell yourself.

4) Spend time with new people: While it’s natural to gravitate toward your friends, you’ll have much better luck networking (and meeting insurance prospects) by opening up to new people. Cates suggests sitting at a table where you know no one. This may seem awkward, but there’s no better way to meet new people than just diving in, introducing yourself, and learning all about them.

5) Follow up: Following up with someone after your initial meeting shows them that you’re interested in maintaining a connection. When you first meet a colleague, associate or client, note ideas to reconnect with them. Perhaps it’s to offer information or to make an introduction to another contact in your network. Remind yourself of tips and tools they hinted at throughout the conversation. Even if your follow up is a simple, “It was nice to meet you,” maintaining contacts creates bonds that sustain relationships.

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