If You Were a Tree…Writing a Genuine “About” Page

You know a lot of personal information about your clients and gather quite a bit from your prospective customers, as well. It’s natural they might be just as curious about you. After all, you’re hoping to create a long-term relationship to build your base and grow your agency. Your bio is your online representation of who you are and how you’ll do business, so you want it to reflect how you’ll best serve your customers. This one aspect of your site has the potential to convert a prospect into a life-long client or deter someone from ever considering doing business with you.
It’s just as important to understand how to best represent yourself as it is to hone your knowledge of the business. Seth Godin, one of my favorite business/marketing bloggers, recently posted the following:

Five Rules for Your About Page

1) Talk like a human. Don’t use industry terms that only other insurance agents understand.

2) Use a professional headshot. Don’t use a generic stock photo you found online.

3) Be reachable and available. Don’t offer contact information that doesn’t work.

4) Own your story. Offer a true, genuine narrative that others connect with.

5) Use real testimonials from real people.

p.s. I highly recommend following Seth Godin’s blog!

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