Get More Clients and Grow Your Agency With These Four Simple Steps

Today we’re going to talk about a key piece to growing a successful agency that most agents overlook, and it’s equally as important as having a retention strategy in place. It’s not enough to open up shop and ask friends and family for business or referrals, you have to be marketing your services consistently.

Whether you’re just starting out or your business is booming, it’s essential that you have a marketing strategy in place. Even if you’re overloaded with clients and prospects right now, that doesn’t mean you’ll still be 6 months down the line. Consistent marketing helps ensure there’s a steady stream of new business coming your way. It’s also an excellent way to stay in front of your existing clients and continually provide value.

In this post, I’m going to share some of the best foundational marketing strategies you can implement in your agency right away.

How to Best Market Your Agency

1) Maintain a Facebook Business Page:

Social media marketing is one of the easiest ways to continually connect with clients and market your agency. Create a fan page for your company and invite your clients, friends, family and leads to connect with you for updates. Let them know you’ll be sharing important insurance information, as well as tips and tricks to help them keep their families, businesses and assets protected.

Create a simple marketing calendar that includes posting at least once per day at varying times throughout the week. Share relevant quotes, business updates, insurance articles, important questions to know, and anything else that will provide them value. Establish yourself as the go to expert for all their insurance needs and you’ll retain current clients longer while attracting new clients regularly. Feel free to share personal, relevant updates as well. Showing people you’re human creates instant connection and makes them feel like they already know you.

Agents ask me, what can I write about? Folks, take off your insurance hat and think like a consumer. Make the policy terms real to them one topic at a time. One topic that people always find interesting is information about claims. Take a claims adjuster to lunch and ask them for some interesting claims stories. I once had a claim for “Toxic bird poop!” Seriously. The insured parked his car, a white Honda Civic, under a tree while on his honeymoon. He came back after 10 days and the car was covered in bird poop. He tried to wash it off but believe it or not, the white paint was permanently stained. So, he called me and of course, my first thought was no way. But, being a newbie agent that knew nothing, I called my claims partner and was told this would be covered under the insured’s comprehensive coverage. Sure enough, he got a completely new paint job due to toxic bird poop!

2) Start a Regular Blog or Newsletter:

Blogs and newsletters are another great way to provide consistent value. If you have a website (which is a must, and we’ll talk about options in an upcoming post if you don’t), consider having a blog. Blogs allow you to regularly publish new content to your site, which increases your rankings in search engines and allows you to show up higher in the search results. You can also start an email newsletter as a stand-alone method, or in conjunction with your blog. Email newsletters allow you to capture the name and email of people who are interested in what you have to share, allowing you to regularly connect and give value. You can have a place on your site for clients to opt in to get your newsletters.

As for topics, what are some pain points, common issues, or stories you can share that will assist your clients and prospects in making the best decisions when it comes to their insurance needs? What are things they need to know or should be asking themselves? How do they choose the right insurance agent, and what questions should they be asking so they get the best coverage? You can write short tips or long articles, shoot video blogs (or “vlogs”), or you can try a combination of the two. Write in “plain language” how a policy works. Take a homeowners policy and you can spend months just talking about the 10-12 limits on coverage like jewelry, boats under X feet long, earthquake, water back up, etc.

3) Utilize Traditional Marketing:

While it’s important to be online and accessible, traditional direct mail marketing hasn’t lost it’s charm. As I’ve mentioned before, grab a pack of postcards with an interesting image on the front that will get recipients to flip it over. The front of the postcard should be a baby, dog or cat… nothing that says “XYZ Insurance Agency” as you want them to turn it over to the message/address side. Do not use an envelope which has to be opened and screams “junk mail” or it will never get opened as they just toss it in the trash. Write a personalized note to send to clients, referrals, leads and contacts. Most people don’t receive personalized mail anymore, so it’s a nice way to market your business and services in an unexpected way. Consider pointing them to a piece of content that may be of interest to them. You can write something along the lines of:

Hey Jill,

I recently read an article about a small business like yours and thought it would be of interest to you! It’s on the resource section of my website at

Hope all is well!

4) Really Get to Know Your Clients:

When working with clients, pay attention to the common themes, issues, questions and concerns. As an insurance agent, you’ll likely attract a wide variety of clients, but there’s also going to be a handful of common pain points. Understanding these pain points, as well as understanding how your clients need and want to be supported, allows you to create a marketing strategy that’s perfectly aligned for them. I’ll write a more in-depth blog post on this topic to really walk you through the process, but for now: What do your clients need, and how do they want it delivered to them?

This insight will help you determine whether you should be making videos weekly, or sending out a monthly newsletter. Or maybe instead of Facebook, your clients want to read blog posts and have access to a resource center on your website. Finding the sweet spot between what your clients need and the expertise you can provide them, packaged in the best delivery method, is key to successfully marketing your agency.

In the comments below, I’d love to know how you’re currently marketing your business. What’s working well for you and what’s not?

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