Five Steps to Create Urgency in Prospects

One of the most common issues agents run into when working leads is prospects that say and know they need to make changes or additions to their insurance policies, but aren’t compelled to take action right now. The difference between closing a lead and losing it comes down to creating a clear sense of urgency by eliminating procrastination.

1) Understand and touch on the pain point. Your prospect has a pain point (or a desire to change something) that causes them anxiety or makes them cringe. The key is to both understand and touch on that specific pain point for the consumer. This isn’t about fear based tactics, it’s about reminding your prospect of a pain that already exists, compelling them to take an action step they desperately need to take. This could be overpaying on their premium every month, having catastrophic gaps in coverage, or not having a clear understanding of how to best protect their family, life and assets.

2) Keep it factual while tying it into their emotions. As I said above, this isn’t about using fear tactics to scare them into taking action, it’s about using facts. Have some real life claims on hand that are relevant to your prospect’s needs. Ask them questions like, “What do you want to happen to your family if you lost your life in a car accident?” Or, “What would happen if you lost your savings or college fund because of an accident that resulted in significant injuries without the proper coverage?” These things are scary to think about, but they’re important. Not bringing them up is a disservice to your prospects and clients and keeps them in a space of not taking action.

3) Focus on being of service, not trying to get a sale. The best way to bring a prospect on as a client is to focus on being of service to them and their needs. If you push too hard on their pain points and move into a place of pressure, you’re not serving them, you’re trying to serve yourself. These are important things for them to know and act on, but pressuring someone into something isn’t the way to go. When you focus on service over sales, you let them know you care about their needs and not just another signed policy. This breeds trust and trust naturally leads to a working relationship. More importantly, trust leads to retention, and that’s worth far more to you both if it’s built on service.

4) Understand that some people need more time. Creating a sense of urgency for prospects doesn’t always mean you’re going to close them on the first call. If they put up too many objections in the first conversation, thank them for their time and get off the phone. This allows them some time and space to let what you discussed sink in, and you can continue to work the lead in a nurture campaign or program. Make sure you take note of what was discussed, their needs, and specifics of their life, family and work so you can continue to follow up with them over time. Send articles, relevant news and updates, and simply check in regularly to see if they have any questions. Again, this is about building trust alongside urgency which will lead to more signed policies and longer client retention.

5) Consider a two-call close approach. You may consider a two-call close approach rather than trying to close every deal during your first chat. The first call is all about gathering information and creating that sense of urgency through service and education, while the second call can be based off a needs analysis which points to certain gaps in coverage in various areas. Provide them some options and let them know your recommendation which option is the best and why. At the very least you’ve been of service and let them know where they’re currently lacking in coverage.

Remember, the best way you can create a sense of urgency is to know and understand your prospect’s current needs. As I always recommend, take the F.O.R.M. approach: Family, occupation, recreation and message. Understand everything about their life, then tailor your message to fit their specific needs!


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