Finish the Year Strong! Or, Start 2014 with momentum!

I’m proud to announce that at Hometown Quotes, we celebrated the Holidays by bringing back Bob’s popular Webinars two weeks ago! We will continue with monthly webinars starting in January. We had such a strong demand for last weeks webinar, that many have asked for a way to review it again, so we’ve made it available to watch on demand. We have introduced a fresh format to complement our new website and innovative technology. We partnered with Velocify (formerly Leads 360) and discussed the best practices on working your leads, using Hometown Quotes’ Guaranteed Quality Leads and Velocify’s efficient leads-management system.

As a former insurance agent for over 20 years, I understand the importance of getting high-quality insurance leads, which redirect insurance customers back to their local agents: you! The number of people shopping online for auto insurance is staggering, and that number is only continuing to grow. But there’s more! You need to know how to close a lead; for example, leaving a memorable voicemail is key, because a lot of times people shop for insurance at work and may not be able to get to the phone. If you leave a voicemail they can’t resist, they’re more likely to call you back.

When a customer does answer the phone, the likelihood of you closing that sale only increases. On the webinar, I provided tips on what you should say to get your customers comfortable, talking, and understanding that you can tailor a policy just for them (the type of service only a local agent can offer).

In addition to working your leads, you need to manage them. I used to joke that I knew 50% of my marketing worked; I just didn’t know which 50%. In order to be successful, you have to know what’s working and what isn’t. Agents need to have a process in place, and a huge part of that process is lead management. On our webinar, I talk about how efficiently managing your leads can effectively optimize your workflow, balance timely responses, and improve closing rates.

I used to use a manual follow-up form, which I show on our webinar. It works, but it isn’t very efficient. Jorge Jeffery, Velocify’s Sr. Manager of Strategic Intelligence, explains that a lead-management tool, “forces a process on your staff for consistent, trackable results.” Jeffery details specific strategies for email and call conversion; how many times do you call, how many emails do you send, and how often?

With internet leads, response time matters. (Watch the webinar and learn why. Some of the answers might surprise you!) Did you know it’s best to send a second email to your lead on day 5? Jeffery discusses other, proven strategies, including a call-back procedure that gets a 93% conversion rate. We also talk about the difference between working your lead in the right amount of time, versus annoying a potential customer and driving them away. Jeffery’s data shows that 6 is the optimum number of calls for an internet lead. Less than 6 and you’re missing an opportunity; more than 6, and you’re wasting your resources.

So when do you call or send an email? In the webinar, we discuss time frames for how often and when it’s best to contact your lead. We also briefly discuss nurture campaigns for the leads that you might otherwise consider “dead.” After all, it’s your lead. The data remains in your system. I want to make sure you make the most of it with efficient use of your time.

Watch a short snippet of the webinar where I explain how internet leads allow agents to sign more policies!

If you are interested, you can log in to watch the recorded webinar today. It’s free, informative, and I’d like to hear your feedback on topics you’d like covered in the future.

Have a Happy Holidays & New Year!

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