Find Your Unique Sales Edge

Oftentimes I talk about finding the unique piece of your personality and style that gives you an edge when working leads. For example: when leaving a voicemail message, for some, that’s being funny by leaving a joke and getting prospects to call back for the punchline. For others, it’s the accidental disconnect or the “I’ve got something important regarding your_______” approach.

Now, I can’t tell you what your edge is, but I can guide you through the process of uncovering it for yourself. When you know what your edge is, you can contact leads with confidence, thus leading to more signed policies and a faster growing agency.
How to find your unique sales edge:
1) Be honest about your personality and style.

We’re all different, and that’s okay. The key to confidence in yourself and your ability to close leads is owning those parts of you that are different from everyone else. You have to be clear about what sets you apart, then use it to your advantage. We often believe that we have to be a certain way to excel at sales, but that’s not the case.

Are you a high energy extrovert that makes friends with everyone you meet at a party?
Are you a more calm and quiet personality who excels in one-on-one conversations?
Do people often confide in you openly, without you having to pry?
Are you insatiably curious, always wanting to learn more about people?
Are you the funny one, always making people laugh and lightening up the situation?

Ask yourself what sets you apart and helps you connect best.

2) Do some detective work with your friends and family.

Shoot an email off to your friends, family and colleagues (really, anyone who knows you that you’d be comfortable emailing) and ask them to send you what they feel are your top three traits. When you get the answers back, take a look at what words come up most frequently. You may be surprised at what you see, or not. Either way, you now have a deeper insight into what stands out about you and your personality from people who really know you well.

3) What do people thank you for?

Another way to uncover what sets you apart is to think about what people thank you for. When it comes to connecting with prospects, and building lasting relationships with customers, you have to be aware of your strengths. You want to listen to your prospect’s story and situation when your strength is empathy, rather than trying to make them laugh by cracking jokes. You want to make them feel like your long lost buddy when your strength is being everyone’s best friend, rather than asking personal questions to get them to open up. Knowing what people thank you for helps you understand where you excel with supporting others, an essential piece of knowledge for selling someone protection like auto, home and life insurance.

4) Find the sales process that works for you.

There are certainly tried and true methods like F.O.R.M., but it’s also important to find the flow that works best for you. If you’re first starting out, you might have to fumble through a few sales calls before you find what process, phrases, questions, or even jokes, get the best response. Role play with family and friends to help you polish your style and approach. Make note of what works well and what ways of explaining things to prospects flows the best, and gets you the response you desire: new customers, signed policies and the start of a lasting relationship.

A good rule of thumb, start by asking your customer to tell you more about themselves, their family and what they do for a living. Let the conversation flow from there so you gain more insight into the types of coverage they may need. People love to talk about themselves. Learn to ask questions, then shut up and actively listen.

Best of luck as you work on finding your edge!

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