7 Effortless Marketing Strategies You Can Use!

You have to connect with people to grow your agency. And whether it’s social media or face-to-face interactions, there’s always more to learn. But some things are fundamental. One of my favorite marketing experts is Rohit Bhargava, author of Personality Not Included, blogs at the Influential Marketing Blog, and
I’d like to share how I use his 7 Essential Social Media Instincts Everyone Should Learn:

1) Be conversational: Don’t talk to people in terms they don’t understand. If you’re using terms like cash value, assets, or liability in a conversation that’s not directly related, you run the risk of frustrating your client and killing a sale. After all, they’re not the insurance agent, you are. It’s your job to be their advocate and ensure their concerns are attended to. Don’t worry if your customer knows how much industry jargon you can recite. I like the phrase, “Simple isn’t Stupid.” If you explain large concepts in easy to understand terms, your industry knowledge will shine through, and you’ll have a customer base who trusts you’re looking after their best interests, not promoting your own or yourself. Try to engage your audience both on and off line with topics that concern them. We all know everyone’s favorite topic is themselves, just make sure when discussing business with clients, it isn’t yours!

2) Listen and respond consistently: Do you know what people are saying about you or the industry? Do you respond or keep quiet? Whether corresponding with fellow agents or insurance consumers, becoming a trusted industry expert starts with listening to other people’s ideas and concerns and then responding accordingly. The more regularly (and wisely) you respond, the more you will increase your credibility with your clients and prospects.

3) Proactively comment and share: Consistently find reasons to share relevant comments by considering not only what’s important to you but also what’s important to others, as well. Reference fellow agent and industry expert’s insights and remain a student of your field. From a brick-and-mortar perspective, speak at chamber functions, write informational newsletters for your customers or letters to the editor: find ways to share your knowledge with your community! Bhargava recommends making an effort to share insightful information via your insurance agency’s Twitter feed, Facebook fan page or blog. Visit other blogs and share your point of view or leave a comment to reinforce what the blogger was sharing.

4) Use questions instead of statements: Building business is all about building relationships and building relationships is all about encouraging others to share and connect with you. Bhargava recommends “turning statements into questions and seeing who might have an interesting point of view to share.” People love telling stories, so create opportunities to let that happen.

5) Participate with those who share your passion: The internet makes it easier than ever to connect with people. Do you regularly share tips with other insurance agents in your community? Beyond insurance, your passions are an opportunity to connect with others and expand your network. After all, you can’t know people in your community by sitting in your office. Get out there and create lasting local contacts with people who share various aspects of your life. Soon, you’ll have an expansive network of insurance and non-insurance professionals who’ll get to know you and, therefore, your business.

6) Support online relationships with offline interactions: When you’re trying to connect with people and build relationships, online communication can only go so far. Always support your online efforts with offline appearances. Take the initiative to participate in meet-ups, local events and community support.

7) Invest in karma: Our business is all about relationships, so as Bhargava points out, “What goes around, comes around.” For me, it comes down to ethics. If you’re goal is to genuinely help people, your efforts will be rewarded.

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