3 Voicemails that will Get your Calls Returned (and One that Never Will)

When you know your leads are the best quality in the industry, but your potential customers aren’t returning your calls, the problem might just be the voicemail message you’re leaving. I recommend having a prerecorded message that you make when you’re wide awake and full of caffeine.

Listen to it and ask yourself, Would I return that call? Use voicemail as a tool, instead of a hindrance, to make a personal contact with prospective clients. Here are some of my favorites:


1·         Be Funny: start your message with a joke. You can say, “Hey, [name], did you hear the one about…? My name is Bob Klee at (number), and if you want the punch line, call me back!” Chances are, they’ll call just to hear the end of a great joke.


2·         The “Accidental” Disconnect: “Hi [name]. This is Bob Klee at (number), and I wanted to talk to you about—(click).” Most people are curious enough to return your call.


3·         Dangle the Carrot: “Hi! My company just changed their insurance rates in (state). This is Bob Klee, and if you’re interested, give me a call so we can qualify you for the lowest rates in the state!” If you can pique their interest, they will be more likely to call you back.


One Call that Won’t Get Returned (the low-energy message without a hook): “Hi. This is Agent Anonymous, and I saw that you were looking online for insurance policies. If you’d like to discuss your rates then give me a call at…” Does it matter what the phone number is? No one is returning a call even the agent isn’t excited about.


The key is to be high-energy and personable. You’ve got 30 seconds to grab their attention, so be resourceful, be creative, and be memorable.


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