6 Best Car Names Chosen By Motorists

A study released at the end of September by Nationwide Insurance revealed that one in four car owners name their automobile, indicating that insurance customers think of their rides as a bit more than steel and engineering.

The survey of 1,082 “Census-representative respondents” also discovered the following:

  • That men were more likely than women to name their car after a famous or historical person (9 percent vs. 4 percent), or after a movie character (10 percent vs. 4 percent).
  • Women were overall more likely to have a nickname for their cars than men (27 percent vs. 17 percent).
  • Car owners between the ages of 18 and 34 were the more likely car-naming culprits (at 36 percent).
  • Around 26 percent thought of their car as female.

The most popular name? “Baby.” Well, we got to thinking that America can do better than that, so we scoured the ‘Net in search of names that car owners had given their “babies.” Here are seven of our favorites:


Blogger “J Monkeys” shared her first instinct after purchasing her new Kia Soul: “Of course the first thing I did (after sucking in lungful of that luscious [new car] smell) was to name the car.  Meet Ailey, my brandy-new, alien green Kia Soul.” When “J” introduced Ailey to her husband, his response? “You named the car?” To which “J” replied: “Of course I named the car … Ailey and I will be together for the next dozen years … she deserves a name.”


Therese Zdazenski admits that she has a habit of naming objects that she uses every day. In keeping with the findings of the Nationwide survey, she named her car after a female. Her reasoning was pretty creative: “… because the first letter of my license plate is an E and I love the song Eleanor Rigby.”


Sarah J. Cole decided that she could do better than celebrities and favorite Beatles songs. “We named the car Peyman after our dear friend from camp. He is a great guy and he has quite a beard…. He deserves a car to be named after him!”

Phyllis Nefler

Amanda of The Shepard Life blog named her car Phyllis Nefler after the movie Troop Beverly Hills. It enjoys the distinction of being the only car we’ve been able to find with a surname. Shelley Long would be proud!


Named after the Pompidou Centre located in the heart of Paris, this car name pays homage to the building of iconic 20th Century architecture designed by Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers. Car owner Trina from the Eskimo to the World blog chose the name because she respected the building and because it was opened to the public in her birth year of 1977.


Rachel Coker named her car after the legendary female Native American guide to explorers Lewis and Clark. But why name a car that? “… because she takes us places.”

In Summary

While the majority of these names come from characters, historical figures, and pop culture, a few also stem from personal experience or pay living tribute to friends or special moments in a driver’s life. All work together to prove the point of the Nationwide study, which according to Matt Jauchius, the insurer’s chief marketing officer, is this:

“US consumers have an emotional connection to their cars. The memories car owners experience with their automobiles are very special to them … Discovering the number of people who nickname their cars is a true demonstration of this connection.”

Indeed! Now if you’ll excuse us, the Ladykiller needs a tune-up!

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