Sealing the Deal on Affordable Car Insurance

While penalties vary state to state, you can guarantee that driving without coverage will take some clank out of your bank. Uninsured drivers can face a myriad of punishments for merely being stopped and not being able to prove coverage. This fact alone should be enough to convince you to start researching reasonable insurance coverages for your vehicle.

Remember! Your car insurance rate is based on your insurance risk assessment. If an insurance company determines you are a high-risk driver, your monthly cost will be higher than that of the average driver. You CAN remedy this! Let’s take a look at a few things you can do to reduce your auto insurance risk which, in turn, could lessen your auto insurance cost…

1) Purchase home/renter’s insurance from the same carrier as your auto insurance. Some insurance companies offer multi-policy discounts.

2) Always obey traffic laws, specifically the speed limit. Insurance companies take note of your driving record. More speeding tickets = higher risk driver = increased auto insurance cost.

3) Study hard. Insurance companies often reward students with good grades with a student discount.

4) Purchase a vehicle that receives notability for low damageability and increased passenger safety.

5) When given the option, purchase additional safety features for your vehicle. (Air bags, antilock brakes, etc.)

6) Take a driver safety course. A defensive driving class could possibly reduce your insurance rate.

Other things to keep in mind…

1) To the insurance company, plain and simple, you are a set of risks. Anything you can do to decrease your “risk factor” might affect your cost of coverage.
2) Always ask for discounts. Many insurance companies offer deals for safe drivers. If you’re considered less of a risk, they’ll likely reward you.

*Please note that this article is not a professional consultation. This article is for general information only. Always seek specific information from a licensed insurance professional.*

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