These Car Gadgets Could Take The Risk Out Of Driving

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If you have experienced two car accidents — not your fault — in the first three and a half months of 2014, then chances are strong that you don’t have a lot of faith in humanity’s ability to drive. That’s where yours truly is at, but luckily, Nationwide Insurance is here to help with its picks for the must-have car gadgets for the year. While these products certainly offer protection against common driving problems (like blindspots, for instance), they’re only as useful as the motorist using them (which can be pretty darn useful if said motorist can pause from that text message long enough to use them).

Here’s what Nationwide recommends:


One: Automatic Link

You utilize fitness apps to keep better tabs on calories burned, calories consumed, and overall weight loss, so why not apply that same logic to your car? Nationwide encourages you to do just that with a sophisticated driving assistant. The company explains: “Like the human body, your car is a powerful machine that you can monitor and diagnose. Automatic Link is a device you can plug into your car’s diagnostic port to track gas consumption, driving habits and engine performance. The device monitors your driving tendencies and sends alerts to your cell phone when you’re wasting gas by braking hard, rapidly accelerating, or speeding.”

The simple act of monitoring these behaviors can lead to deeper savings on your car insurance and other driving expenses because it improves the lifespan of your car. The longer your car lasts, the more likely you are to have it paid off. And with a paid-off car, you have options for playing with the amount and types of coverage that you carry.


Two: Avin’s Panoramic Mirror

No car or truck to ever move off the assembly line has been free from the dreaded blindspot. These small but crucial areas of visibility can lead to serious and even deadly accidents. To help with the problem, Nationwide recommends the gadget, Avin’s Panoramic Mirror, which offers “drivers a 180-degree field of view that can eliminate your blind spots.”

“This product is especially helpful when attempting to make lane changes, merge into traffic or maneuvering in parking lots,” Nationwide explains, adding that it “installs over your existing rearview mirror.”


Three: Directed SmartStart Module And App

You’ve experienced those cold mornings where you’re already running a little behind on getting ready for work. You check the clock and realize you just made it with two minutes to spare. Better get outside and get going. But wait! It’s freezing outside, and now there’s a layer of ice encasing your entire car. With the Directed SmartStart module and app, you can start your car from inside via smartphone. That way, by the time you’re ready to brave the cold weather, you can simply get behind the wheel and take off with no extra time needed.


Four: Aervoe LED Road Flare

Never experienced the fear and apprehension of breaking down on the roadside in a busy or even secluded area? Then you may not realize what a godsend road flares can be. For the rest of us, though, the Aervoe LED road flare is an absolute necessity. The Aervoe lights put out a bright flashing beacon intended to alert oncoming drivers, and last for up to 60 hours.


In Summary

While technology is often blamed for intruding on our lives, in each of the cases presented above, the benefits far outweigh any possible downside. Whether it’s learning more about your driving performance, removing the hazards caused by blindspots, shaving time off morning rituals, or staying safe in the event of an accident, these are products that are worth adding to your automobile.

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