5 Ways iOS 7 Makes Your Insurance Life Easier

After some initial kinks, Apple has managed to get the iOS 7 operating system on track. If you’re an iPhone user, who has recently upgraded, then you’re well aware that the new design makes your phone seem like a different device altogether. From our perspective, this has been the first major win for the company in its post-Steve-Jobs era. And if you’re looking for ways to make your insurance life easier, then it’s a win for you, too. Here are the five biggest perks you can enjoy via the new operating system.

Insightful Discussion

If you have a number of questions related to your insurance coverage– auto, home, or anther — or if you are an agent wanting to connect with other agents and customers for networking opportunities, then there are many apps that can prove valuable. If basic news resources aren’t getting the job done, then try an app like Insurance Forums, a free resource that allows agents, brokers, and consumers a water cooler where they can feed off the insight from others. Other informational resources include Insurance Journal News and Risk & Insurance Magazine (both free).

Car Insurance Quotes

The iOS 7 operating system has empowered consumers to compare rates and benefits on insurance coverage without ever speaking to an agent. Some of the most popular apps for consumers are iCompare Car Insurance, Car Insurance Quotes Genie, and Car Insurance Discounts, all of which are free to download and use. However, these apps are best used as a template. Consumers should definitely speak to an agent for the nuts and bolts of a policy. That’s the only way to strike a balance between affordability and adequate protection.

Driver Safety Games

When behind the wheel of an automobile, you should keep your iOS 7 device out of view. No one needs the distraction when it means risking their life and the lives of others. However, if you want to brush up on safety during your non-driving time, then by all means, pick up the iPhone. Liberty Mutual has its Driver Seat Game. GEICO Tricky Traffic was released on Halloween 2012 and continues to be a favorite. We also recommend the NRMA Insurance-produced Car Park Challenge.

Account Management

Most major insurance companies — GEICO, State Farm, Shelter, to name a few — empower their customers with detailed account management apps that allow one to download the app (for free), enter account information, and then manage claims, bills and payments, and the various insurance coverages all from the comfort of their iOS 7 device.

Phone Insurance

Last but not least, companies like Square Trade offer phone owners insurance for their devices. That’s protection from drops, spills, and everyday malfunctions. So not only can customers use iOS 7 devices to learn, manage, network, and compensate their insurance needs, they can also protect the instrument that allows them to do it all.

In Summary

Insurance is a necessity of life, and like technology, it’s an ever-changing sector where the best-informed are also the best-protected. The iPhone under iOS 7 has improved the speed at which consumers have access to and consume information. It has also given agents a new way to serve their customers’ needs.

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