YouTube Marketing: How To Craft An Effective Video Series

You may not think of yourself as George Clooney. The thought of stepping in front of the camera and speaking into it may make you think, “Instant flop!” Even so, you shouldn’t let that scare you off from tackling a YouTube marketing campaign. Millions come to the site each day to learn about information like the kind you’re carrying around in your head. With a simple approach and the right message, you can shoot to the top of those ratings and establish your authority one clip at a time. Here are some tips to keep in mind.


1. Make a list of the questions your prospects and customers are most likely to ask.

Every effective YouTube marketing series must start with content, and what better way to develop effective content than to start with the questions your customers and prospects are asking. These are often the questions that convince them to buy, and if you’re the person giving them what they need, that will make the decision academic. Before ever approaching a camera, brainstorm a list of all the questions you hear the most. I recommend doing it with a pen (or pencil) and a traditional piece of paper. The brain tends to be more creative in that type of scenario.


2. Organize those questions into groups.

After the questions are jotted down, it’s highly important that you organize the questions into groups. Why is that important? Because this is where you start to see whether a question deserves its own video or whether a group of related questions can be answered in a single video. If it’s a series of videos you’re shooting for, this will tell you exactly how to approach it so there’s enough material for several videos instead of one long, rambling preamble.


3. Turn on the camera and start talking.

Yes, it really is that simple. Just sit in front of the camera and talk. Some people recommend purchasing a high quality HD camera. Considering you can get something acceptable for less than $500, that isn’t a bad idea. But with graphics resolutions on smartphones getting better all the time, you might want to simply experiment with whatever make and model is in your pocket before indulging the extra expense. Just make sure that whatever you choose results in a clear, crisp image with no shaking and a straightforward camera angle where the focus is on you with zero distractions.


4. Proof it to make sure it accomplished the question(s) you set out to answer.

After you’ve answered the question(s) that you set out to answer, watch the video back and make note of anything that makes you cringe. If you know a good editor or can access one, you don’t need to reshoot the whole thing. Just redo the part that bothers you and then talk with a pro to see how you can cut out the bad and splice in the new.


5. Consider outsourcing a pro to add in graphics of your companys branding. (Not a necessity.)

You don’t have to hire a pro if you’re a tinkerer, and catch on quickly to video editing software, but for something like a short 10-minute video — seriously, try to keep all your videos to less than that for the sake of your audience’s short attention span — it could be worth it to hit Fiverr and see who’s advertising their video editing expertise.


6. Target the keywords your prospects are most likely to search and tag your video accordingly.

Finally, before uploading and giving your video its final title, try to step into the mind of an average Internet user, who’s searching for information on that specific topic. Then, try to title your video something very close to that, with the main keyword focus being at the first of the title. From there, add the appropriate tag words that are related to that topic, and upload. After doing so, don’t forget to share with your social networks. They can help you get some prelim traffic to help propel you further up the rankings.


In Summary

A YouTube marketing video series is a great way of serving your potential prospects and customers because it can help break down difficult concepts quickly and effectively and save them the hassle of reading a bunch of fine print. It may not lead directly to sales — though it can — but it will help you establish your expertise. Good luck!

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