Your insurance business should be exceeding consumer expectations, or else…

customerservprior2jAccording to a recent Forrester study, consumers EXPECT poor customer service. Of the 4,200 consumers surveyed, 70% of them expect a poor customer service experience when seeking help with health insurance policies, specifically.

Making a phone call regarding an insurance policy may not always be fun or exciting for the consumer or the insurance professional, but the overall customer service experience should be superb.

Follow these tips to ensure your next customer service interaction exceeds your prospect or customer’s expectations:

1) Customer is king. Serve your customers needs. Without customers, you don’t have an insurance business. To truly understand your customers needs, you must…

2) Listen well. What is your customer/prospect saying? What is her/her back story? Don’t just listen to what is being said, but also take note of how it’s being said. Always give your customers your undivided attention. Put down that cell phone, close the computer and focus on the customer.

3) Under-promise and over-deliver. Just do it.  At all costs, avoid over-promising and under-delivering.

4) Always ask for feedback. Be genuinely concerned about your customer service experience and always provide an outlet for feedback. Follow up with customers regularly to ensure they’re happy and thrilled with their service.

5) Start on the inside. It all starts with your employees. How do you treat them? When employees are happy, they will treat customers well.

We believe in giving exceptional customer service. When you call us, we have real, live people here to take your call. (Monday-Friday, 8-5 CST, that is.) Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help you grow your insurance business.

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