Your customers are talking about you

megaphoneAs I was catching up on insurance industry news today, I ended up connecting with a person who was very disgruntled about a recent interaction with his/her insurance agent. Even used the words dismissive and condescending to describe the attitude of this particular insurance agent. Within 30 minutes of this comment, I reached out to let him/her know there are other options and indicated how we could help.

Are you aware of how you’re communicating with customers? Do you have your finger on the pulse of what your customers and/or prospects are saying about you?

This is a fantastic lesson on the power of social media. Today’s consumer has choice. There are other insurance professionals who would LOVE to take care of your client if s/he is not happy with you.

So be mindful of how you interact with them.

If you’re friendly, they’ll tell friends how wonderful you are and hopefully refer many new customers to you.

If you’re unfriendly, they’ll tell their friends how unfriendly you are and probably deter others from doing business with you.

Either way, chances are good they’re going to tell someone. So, what is today’s lesson? When interacting with clients and prospects, be genuinely kind and caring. You never know who is listening.

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