Will your first impression help you close the sale?

It’s difficult to reverse a bad first impression.

When you’re communicating face-to-face, there is always the potential for a bad first impression. When other mediums are involved, however, such as email, phone or even regular mail, the liklihood of a tarnished first impression is greatly increased.

From SPAM folders and bad phone connections to incorrect web site information, the odds may seem against you if you’re not reviewing and safeguarding your communication methods with prospects and customers.

USA Today recently posted an article from Steve Strauss about first impressions. I’m summarizing here:

In our era of electronic communications, you can protect yourself from bad first impressions by remembering the following…

Web site – Don’t have a web site? Get one! Your prospects are looking for you. Have an old, outdated web site? Time for a web site makeover.

Emails – You know the phrase…the early bird gets the worm. That idea applies here too. Don’t let your inbox overflow with unresponded messages. Respond quickly! How is your email etiquette? WHATEVER YOU DO, DON’T TYPE EMAILS IN ALL CAPS. (Just reading that makes me uncomfortable!) Typing in all caps is the same as yelling at someone. No yelling please! Have you checked your SPAM folder? If you’ve never checked it, you just may find a long-lost email you had been waiting for.

Phone – Are you reachable? Does your prospect have to leave voicemail after voicemail? Can a caller speak with a live person? Or do they reach an auto attendant? If callers reach an actual person, is s/he friendly or dull and monotone?

Don’t let these items get in your way of making an award-winning first impression! Make sure to read Steve’s full article here.

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