Why Prospects Are Bouncing from Your Site

There are few things more frustrating than getting insurance leads to your website only to see them leave your page quickly and never return. This “bounce” is indicative that something is wrong with how you’re choosing to connect. Fortunately, where there are problems, there are also solutions. Let’s take a look at what the high bounce rate might be telling you about your content woes.


1. You’re too generic

In the early days of content marketing, there was some really bad content being created, not just from insurance agents, but from all business types. You could learn most of what these “authorities” had to teach from anywhere, if you didn’t already know it yourself. Today people expect more, as they should, and it’s up to you to give it to them if engagement is your motivation. Therefore, take a moment to get involved with your blog or website’s content creation. If hiring out, talk to your team about what you expect from content — the look, the presentation, the personality.


2. You’re not authentic

Don’t try to be something you’re not. Tap into your own emotions and experiences as you strive to see the world in their eyes. Authenticity will cancel out a lot of mistakes, so go for it!


3. You’re not describing their problem well enough

A well-kept secret when it comes to marketing of any kind is that he who understands the prospect’s struggles the best, he who comes the closest to describing those struggles back to the prospect, will usually win their business. Work on your copy. Use the “you” voice. Know what others are going through and work to build understanding and empathy in everything that you post to your blog or website.


4. You’re not authoritative enough

While authenticity goes a long way to forgiving your “Authority” shortcomings, you do need to win your prospect’s trust before you can even think about turning them into a customer. If your content is lacking authority, deconstruct it until you find where it’s failing. It could be that there is a disconnect between you and your copywriter if you’re not handling the content creation yourself. These problems could be anywhere from systemic (new writer needed) to incidental (something that you can clear up over morning coffee).


5. You’re targeting the wrong people

Sometimes it isn’t the content that’s the problem. It’s the fact that you haven’t targeted the right people with your advertising. Go back to your customer base, your product(s), and reexamine how those two components align with each other. Think about where your customers hang out, what types of things they’re searching for online, and go from there.


6. You’re too bland

Blandness has dealt many a death blow to the knowledgeable, well-meaning content creator, and that’s as true for insurance agents as it is anyone else. Don’t fall into the trap of trying too hard, but do try to inject some color into your posts, whether they be audio or video or written. You might also try to workshop your content with some of your more loyal customers or insurance Q&A forums (as long as you stay within posting guidelines).


In Summary

As you can see, there are many things that can go wrong with your content as you prep and share it with the world. By spending more time on three key areas — message, presentation, and strategy — you can overcome the issues listed above and not only get people to stay on your page longer, but also convert into customers. Best of luck as you work more with your online marketing strategy.

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