Why Cold Calling Isn’t What It Used To Be

“Cold calling has been around for ages. It has stood the test of time. That’s why you should still be doing it!” Sound familiar? Any time I hear that, I say, “Well yes, it has been around forever but so has torture, and I’m not convinced that has ever been good for anyone.” Longevity alone is not a reason to keep doing something. That’s why I’m about to lay out a case against cold calling, but before I do so let me precursor by saying this: if you’re doing it and still getting good results, then by all means keep on keeping on. Some of us are better at executing specific game plans than others. That I will acknowledge. But if you’re having issues seeing satisfactory results, don’t fret. There are other ways. But first:


Why is cold calling not what it used to be?

Three letters: D. N. C. While you can fairly easily scrub Do Not Call names from a contact list, the number of Americans on said list is sitting at a staggering 72 percent, and it’s growing at a rapid rate. That means many of the 28 percent you’re reaching out to will be hostile enough to add their names to the roll in the coming months and years. Why give a lot of attention to something with such a negative connotation and dwindling upside? If you’re still confident enough in it, then you might try setting aside one or two afternoons a week to give it a go and measure your results, but don’t underestimate these other paths to success.


Qualified Lead Purchases

Hometown Quotes has worked hard to develop a database of insurance leads that are carefully vetted so you’re not tripping over every other agent for the same piece of business. Once you have the lead in-hand, you can try connecting with them on a social media platform to learn more about their tastes, needs, and preferences. Email and texting are also becoming increasingly popular forms of outreach. In fact, an email address is one of the most valuable pieces of information that you can get from a lead.


Public Seminars/Webinars

Giving a public seminar or, if you want to keep it Internet-based, webinar, can lead to a dramatic increase in conversions. And if you think about it, it’s easy to see why. If someone attends a webinar or seminar that you are giving, they already have an intense interest in the product you’re offering as well as your approach to presenting it. By leading the program, you’re setting yourself up as an expert and helping your prospects to have confidence in what you have to say. If done right, they’ll be much more ready to buy than if they were being disturbed at work or in the middle of family time by the caller ID buzz of an unknown number.


Mobile Advertising

Internet advertising is still a big deal, but most people believe that the future is mobile advertising — or getting targeted ads onto a favorite app or game. One example I saw recently that did an excellent job of this — the game Tetris Blitz began allowing advertisers to offer a “free” in-game gift in exchange for a no-risk signup. There was one insurance company that offered over 1 million coins for individuals, who signed up on their website and left a legitimate email address. If you’ve ever played Tetris Blitz, then you know what an abundance of coins can do for your ability to purchase power ups and smash scoring records. Offering more than 1 million for free was a great way to tie in the business to something the prospect already felt passionate about. And if they have an insurance need on the horizon — most do — I’m betting they remember the company that hooked them up!


In Summary

Cold calling will likely be around for a while longer, but it has definitely lost a great deal of effectiveness in recent years. As customers get savvier and savvier to the tricks of the trade, they will find new ways to screen unwanted calls and weed you out. Again, if you’re still having success and are satisfied with it, then keep on going. But don’t ignore the opportunities mentioned above. They really are the future. Best of luck!

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