Why 90% of Online Insurance Marketing Fails

Many Internet marketers accept that at least 90 percent of all online marketing efforts fail, which can be particularly discouraging when you realize how vital the Internet is to your life as an insurance agent in the years ahead. Getting ranked top in local searches and being able to establish your expertise for a public that buys on price but desperately longs for value, will be essential to future efforts. The good news: by examining what so many are doing wrong, you can avoid the pitfalls and do your Internet marketing right. Let’s look at what some of these pitfalls are.


1. Shiny Object Syndrome

Nothing can derail your marketing efforts faster than getting distracted by shiny objects. While focusing on one business model can be part of this — we’ll go more into that one in a bit — it’s not really what we’re talking about here. Unfortunately, many insurance agents, who are trying to get their own thing going online can run in to Shiny Object Syndrome where, in an effort to streamline marketing efforts, they jump into fads that don’t work or that can actually hurt one’s marketing efforts. Black-hat marketing tactics, or trying to “game Google” into ranking you high through paid-for backlinks to poor content is one way of doing this, and it doesn’t take long for the search giant to figure it out. When that happens, it could actually get you blacklisted. Suggestion: focus first on your content and realize that online marketing success isn’t a get-rich-quick sort of thing. While simple in concept, you have to give people value.


2. Not Being Able to Decide

The inability to focus on what you need to do is another huge distraction when it comes to powering an effective online marketing effort for your agency. Don’t try too many different tactics at once. Social media is always one of the best examples that we can give here. While someone may always be telling you to “get on Twitter,” “get on Instagram,” and “get on Facebook,” you don’t need to try and “master” all of these networks at once. Be comfortable with the one you’re the best at, devote time to others as you can, and layer on your successes one after the other. Not being able to decide on a path forward can lead to you trying every new marketing tactic at once and failing at all of them.


3. Inability to Delegate

Everyone needs help when it comes to growing a business to its full potential. It’s as true for insurance agents as it is the person running an Etsy store online. At some point, if you’re doing it right, you are going to face a point in your online insurance marketing efforts where you can’t do everything at once and continue to give the sales part of your job the attention that it requires. When you hit that point, and probably long before, you need to hire people to help you with the things that you either can’t do well or don’t have the time to do well.


4. Too Much Planning, Not Enough Doing

Finally, you may be failing in your online insurance marketing efforts because you are spending all your time coming up with a marketing plan, but you’re not actually taking action on any of it. This is understandable to an extent. No one likes to fail, and as long as you are planning what you SHOULD do, you can’t very well fail at any of it, right? Wrong! We’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating. Every long journey to success begins with a single step. If something you think will work doesn’t, you won’t know until you’ve given it a chance to fail. By the same token, if something you don’t think will work yields great results, you will never know or benefit from it until you try.


In Summary

Online insurance marketing — like all Internet marketing — isn’t easy. You’re competing for prospects’ time and attention in a world that is crowded beyond belief. But by getting a plan in motion, staying focused on one piece of marketing at a time, and taking one step towards your goals every single day, you can have a robust online presence that will translate well into organic lead generation and sales.

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