What are insurance agents saying about our webinars?

“I just wanted to pass along some positive feedback. I thought it was a great call that was worth my time. I got a lot of useful information that I’ll try. It’s been a long time since I’ve been on a webinar that I actually walked away with some useful information. So thanks!” – insurance agent in Nebraska

“Thanks for pointing out that insurance agents need to sound like human beings. It’s really good to hear that you made a good living without having to can a fake-sounding, corny speech. I’m encouraged.” – insurance agent in Texas

“I only attended the Q&A session at the end of the presentation but I enjoyed and benefited from it very much. Please let me know about any and all educational opportunities you have available. Thanks!” – insurance agent in Colorado

“Thanks for being up front and honest with no hype.” – insurance agent in Ohio

On December 2, we had a record-breaking webinar. More insurance professionals participated than ever before AND it was our longest-running webinar at 2 HOURS. Our CEO Hunter Ingram answered dozens of wonderful, thought-provoking questions supplied by the participating insurance agents. Here are a few of them:

Question from an insurance pro: How do you attract consumers to your site?

Hunter Ingram: Let’s start by discussing what we DON’T do. We do not attract consumers by incentivising them. No free poker chips. No free trips to Maui or new iPods. That is not in the best interest of the consumer NOR you, the insurance professional. If a consumer is incentivised to complete an insurance lead form, that is not a legitimate lead and you shouldn’t be paying for it. We attract the highest-quality leads by thinking like consumers and spending our marketing dollars with Google and other search engines.

Question from an insurance pro: What do you think about text messaging prospects?

Hunter Ingram: That’s a great question. I think it’s an interesting way to do business. We haven’t had any agents share their experiences with text messaging to prospects. When I ran my insurance agency, text messaging wasn’t really even in the realm of possibilities. I think it’s great to be cutting-edge with technology, but I don’t have any personal insight since I haven’t used text messaging in that regard. I’d like to get feedback from anyone who has used it in this manner. If any of you are texting consumers, how are they responding? (If you have feedback, please share at the bottom of this blog post!)

Question from an insurance pro: What type of prospects look for online insurance quotes?

Hunter Ingram: There is a wide variety of consumers who use the Internet to shop for insurance. From my experience with the YellowPages and other methods of advertising, the ROI was not good, the lead tracking was not effective and I was reaching a small segment of consumers. With Internet leads, insurance professionals have access to a vast pool of consumers, the return on investment is great and the tracking is easy.

Question from an insurance pro: What advice can you offer regarding followup emails?

Hunter Ingram: Following up with prospects is very important and I highly believe in email. It’s a good way to stay in front of the customer, but it’s not the only communication method you should be using. Pick up the phone and call the consumer. Just because the prospect searched for insurance online does not mean online communication should be the primary mode of contact. Make sure you balance the two mediums.

Question from an insurance pro: What is the best way to handle leads that come in after hours?

Hunter Ingram: For the online insurance leads you receive after hours, I recommend using an auto-responder indicating that you will call first thing in the morning. I don’t know about all the federal/state do not call laws, but I’m sure they vary per state. Most agents do not make calls after hours or on weekends, so your close ratio should really increase if you work the leads at these times.

Stay tuned for more great questions and make sure you email Krista (krista at hometownquotes dot com) if you’re interested in attending our next webinar about closing Internet leads!

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