What are insurance agents saying about our webinars? Plus, Q/A with Hunter

“I subscribe to many different Internet lead services. Many hold similar conference calls. I felt this was one of the better ones. The speaker was very genuine in his presentation and gave real world examples. I would recommend this to others.

Thanks for the invitation.”

– Gary L., insurance agent in Illinois

Last week, our CEO Hunter Ingram presented our most recent webinar about closing Internet leads.

We had a great turnout! Thank you to all who attended! If you have peers who would benefit from the information you received, please tell them about the presentation and put them in touch with us. You can also click here to access the registration information for our next webinar and forward it to any friends who may be interested.

The more, the merrier! Hunter always gets great questions from the agents who are listening in on the presentation. Here is a synopsis of some of the questions from last week’s webinar, as well as Hunter’s responses:

Agent 1: You made a statement earlier about voicemail. Do you have any tips about an effective voicemail message to leave for prospects that will get your phone call returned?

Hunter: If you want a different outcome, you have to leave a different type of voicemail message. Read some of Jeffrey Gitomer’s books. He offers some great, creative tips for leaving unique voicemails.

Agent 2: After sending a quote to a prospective client, how long do you wait before following up if you don’t hear from them?

Hunter: I didn’t wait. When I was an agent, I followed up immediately, hoping to catch the person in front of their computer so I could explain things to them while they were looking at the quote.

Agent 3: What are your thoughts about calling leads on weekends?

Hunter: According to a study that I read the other day, leads called on weekends convert 22% better than those called during the week. If you’re not calling on weekends, you’re missing out on some great prospects. The weekend is a good time to get in front of the consumer because s/he is not distracted by work and you can have a lengthier, in-depth conversation with them than you could during the week. Plus, if you’re calling the consumer on the weekends, it’s a great selling point. You can tell them “I work on the weekends, so if you ever need me on a Saturday, I’m always available.”

Thanks again to all of the insurance agents who attended last week’s webinar. Thanks also to Hunter for providing insight about your experiences as an insurance agent. We’ll post more questions and responses from last week’s webinar soon. Have a question for Hunter about working Internet leads? Leave a comment here and we’ll make sure your inquiries are answered.

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