Web Savvy Insurance Customers: Should You Fear Them?

One of the primary concerns on the minds of insurance agents is this: insurance leads are no longer using the same channels to shop for insurance. They’re web savvy and looking for the best deal. Should I fear what the future holds? It’s a topic we touch on frequently at HometownQuotes because it’s at the forefront of your business every single day.

While it’s no surprise that some of the agents we’ve talked to ARE worried about these changes, we are surprised by how many of you are adapting your business models and feeling more secure about doing so. Your peers could learn a lot from you because you’ve already learned these important lessons about approaching and marketing to customers.


  1. Dont Panic.

When you panic about where the business is headed, it blinds you to the opportunities that are available now and the opportunities that WILL BE available if you keep a watchful eye on consumer behaviors. While some things are beyond your control, none of those things means the end for the independent insurance agent as a profession.


  1. Technology Is Actually Your Friend.

At HometownQuotes, we’ve embraced technology as a way to shorten the time it takes for our agents to get qualified leads that have been vetted. Unfortunately, there are some locations online that resell leads, making it harder for us to educate agents about why we’re different. Nevertheless, technologies like online lead generation are priceless in the right hands. That’s why we make sure you’re not getting leads that everyone else in the region or state is fighting for. It speeds up your productivity and conversion time immensely.


  1. Embrace What You Know About Your Customer, Dont Lament It.

Agents who have failed to keep up with changes in insurance customer behaviors have a tendency to wish for the “good old days.” They mistakenly think that because consumers have drastically altered their behaviors in the way they shop for insurance, the sky must be falling. Successful agents look at new consumer behaviors and think, “How can I meet them where they are?” They don’t get hung up on change.


  1. Dont Just Embrace Customers, But Be Ready To Deliver.

While it’s great if you’ve learned lesson three, it will do you little good if you’re not ready to deliver on value. Most insurance customers shop online to get the best VALUE, not the best PRICE. (And if they are shopping on price alone, they will soon learn their lesson, thus making this point ever the more important.) You might be able to win on the price of auto insurance all day long, but what happens if your competitors can deliver additional products, steeper discounts, and a more customer-friendly communication experience? Basically, you’ll be left wondering why your customers are leaving you ever two years.


  1. Customers Needs Grow More Complex Over Time.

This lesson is probably the biggest reason why an insurance agent shouldn’t have to worry about web savvy customers. There is a reason you go through all the training and education for selling insurance. It’s a unique knowledge that can save customers a lot of time and money, and that isn’t lost on them. If it were, then 70 percent of customers wouldn’t still be signing up through a human. While customers may be savvy on the web in seeking out policies and comparing prices, they want a professional looking out for their needs, today and tomorrow.


In Summary

The web may be streamlining much about the world of insurance, but it has also empowered agents to focus more on what matters: the customer. Do you think there is cause for concern? Share your thoughts in our comments section.

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