We love helping people

We love helping people. Especially when those people are helping others. A few weeks ago we received this photo from one of our insurance agents in Florida:


This photo quickly made its way around our office and instantly made everyone’s day brighter. I recently interviewed this agent to find out how he uses our leads and see if he’d be willing to share a few tips with us. Here’s what he had to say:

Why do HometownQuotes leads work for your insurance agency?
Because the people are wanting to purchase insurance now or in the immediate future. If they have taken the time to fill out the information form, they are hot prospects. They’re ready to buy.

What’s your favorite thing about HometownQuotes? What makes us stand out from the crowd?
I can filter the insurance leads and increase my closing percentage by not receiving and working on quotes other agents are going to beat me out of. Plus, the information I get from HometownQuotes is almost always complete. We can often run quotes without having to contact the prospect.

What tips do you have for insurance agents who are considering using insurance leads to grow their agencies?
KNOW YOUR MARKET. Filter the leads so you can get the highest closing percentage. Don’t waste money on leads you will not sell or lose to competitors.

Some agents are uneasy about Internet leads. (There are some fly-by-night companies out there, so sometimes that uneasiness is justified.) What would you say about HometownQuotes to those insurance agents who are apprehensive?
Buy 100 leads and see what happens. Compare the cost of the 100 to the income/sales/commission made. Factor in the renewal commission as well. Monitor the leads. Make sure you are hitting your “sweet spot”. Shoot for a 17% or higher sales ratio.

When I asked him why he enjoyed being an insurance agent, he said “the fact we are helping the public when it comes to a sometimes very confusing product, but a necessary purchase.”

Thank you to our Florida agent for sharing this photo with us and for your willingness to share your experience as one of our customers. It’s thrilling to see the success of the insurance agents we work with. If you’re one of our customers and have a success story to share, we’d love to include it here. If you’re not one of our agents, click here for more information about how we can help you grow your agency.

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