Using LinkedIn to grow your insurance business, part 2

linkedin-logo2In yesterday’s blog post, we shared the importance of completing your LinkedIn profile to build and promote your personal brand as an insurance agent. Once you’ve accomplished this, your next step is to:

2) Grow your connections. The purpose of LinkedIn is to connect with other insurance professionals by expanding your network. The more people you can connect with and the more you encourage genuine conversation and relationships, the more you will get out of LinkedIn. (And the more insurance business you’ll secure, in return!) Here are a few tips for building your connections –

Share your unique URL – Add your personalized URL to your email signature, business card, website, blog, email newsletter, etc.

Add your contacts – LinkedIn allows you to import your email contacts and will show you which ones have LinkedIn profiles. You can then select which of those you would like to add as connections. This is a great way to get your profile up and running.

Search & respond – Use LinkedIn’s advanced search to search for possible connections in a particular industry or your geographic location. Also make sure to respond in a timely manner when someone sends you a message or requests to connect with you.

Stay tuned to tomorrow’s post for part 3 of leveraging LinkedIn to grow your insurance business!

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