Using Fiverr To Build Strong Virtual Talent For Your Agency

The world of selling insurance is often a regional endeavor, but your online marketing efforts have a bit more freedom. For instance, you don’t have to pay for budget-busting professionals, who are in your area, in order to get the appropriate personnel and resources for building a strong brand. You can use the online marketplace Fiverr to greatly reduce costs and put together a strong network of virtual talent.

(Note: Fiverr was founded on the concept of hiring people to do things for the agreed-upon $5 fee. You have a need and try to find people willing to fill it for that price.)

To fully understand how and why you should do this as an insurance agent, let’s first take a look at the services on Fiverr that can help you get the help you need, both online and offline. Fiverr is useful to the insurance professional because it allows you access to the following areas that may not be your strong suit.


Press release writing

Always feel dumb when trying to put together a press release that will click with local press? Fiverr can give you access to professional PR people, who are more than happy to write a release for you.


Marketing strategies

Any advertising materials, banner ads, or other marketing materials that need a marketer’s touch? Run a search!


Social media management

Don’t have the understanding of what makes something shareable online? Or maybe you know it’s important to have a strong social media presence but just don’t have the time while trying to cash flow? You’ll find people who can help with this area as well.


Print design

Need a good design for flyers, brochures, and/or business cards? Instant. Access.


Blogging/web content writing

Blogs should be thoughtful, conversational, and frequent. While you may be able to come up with the first two on your own, you may not have as easy of a time with the “frequent” part. Hire a writer from the site to keep content moving when you don’t have the time.



Does your area have a high population of Spanish- or other-language-speaking individuals? Need help with the outreach efforts? Once again, this is a good place to start.


Audio/video editing

Want to run some informational videos on YouTube or start a podcast but don’t have the editing know-how? That sort of help is here, too.

Fiverr definitely serves up a lot of great uses to get the ball rolling, but before you just assume that you’ll be able to get top-notch work for $5 every time, here are some additional considerations/suggestions for getting the most out of it.


  1. Start with reviews.

Before hiring anyone, take a look at their star ratings as well as any reviews their past clients submitted. If there are any bad marks, don’t automatically discount the individual, but do see what the negative people had to say. If there are no bad marks (and several satisfied customers), think about making contact.


  1. Target people who have experience in what you need them to do.

Five bucks is a cheap price for hiring a professional, but since the opportunity is available, make sure you get someone with specialized experience in what you’re looking to have done. Definitely not a tough step since you’re probably looking in the right categories to begin with, but still worth saying.


  1. Hire once with a longer partnership in mind (if the situation calls for it).

Most professionals on Fiverr are there to establish long-term working relationships with people, who appreciate their talent and abilities and who are prepared to pay a fair price down the road. So if you are looking to bring someone on to your virtual team, don’t go into it with a one-and-done attitude. If someone delivers for you at the price of $5, they’ll be that much better when offered consistent and better-paying work, and you’ll still get a better deal than you would hiring someone on your own from off the street. Plus, you will have someone you can count on instead of being subjected to the revolving door of hit-or-miss talent.


  1. Be leery of individuals, who don’t know how to make that short- to long-term transition.

Good talent knows two things: it knows how to give clients value, and it knows what it’s worth. Therefore, be leery of people, who don’t know how to make that transition even if they did a great job for you on a first assignment. They may have talent but lack professionalism. Even if you can get them to do two or three jobs for you at $5, they’ll eventually burn out and you’ll be back to square one.


In Summary

Fiverr is just one of many online marketplaces where you can go to find virtual talent, but it’s one of the most effective for getting work done with little upfront risk. If you’re unsure of where to start on the journey to a viable online marketing platform, give it a try, but keep the tips above in mind. Best of luck!

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