Using Facebook to grow your insurance agency

facebooklogoAre you on Facebook?

Now as an insurance agent, you may be thinking, “My kid is on Facebook,” or “All the teenagers gossip on Facebook,” or “It’s such a time-waster. Why would I get involved or care?”

That’s a great question. The folks with Agent’s Sales Journal have recently answered it.

In the ASJ article, “Expanding Your Business with Facebook: A Primer for Agents”, Associate Editor Heather Trese offers insight and feedback from other insurance agents who are using the site to connect with prospects.

Trese explains that “with the 35-and-older age group being the fastest-growing demographic on the site, Facebook presents a unique opportunity to network with prospects and market your [insurance] practice.”

So how will it help me grow my agency?

Facebook offers a new, quick, casual way to network – in a sense, a virtual happy hour. It also allows you access to information you may otherwise never gain (based on privacy settings, of course), which makes it easier to effectively communicate and/or establish relationships with prospects.

As with any marketing tool, approach with caution.

Take some time to learn how to use it and realize that there could be negative side effects if it’s used improperly.

Click here to view the full article and read Trese’s dos and don’ts of creating a Facebook profile.

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