Twitter 101 for Insurance Agents, part 1

twitter_logoAre you promoting your insurance agency on Twitter? Thinking about promoting your agency with Twitter? Not sure what Twitter is?

Regardless of which category you fit, today’s post, and the next few that follow, will help you decide whether or not Twitter is a good tactic for you and your business. I’ll also offer some tools and tips that will help you promote your Twitter page, should you decide to create one.

Twitter defined

Twitter is a social media tool that allows users to “microblog” within text-based posts of up to 140 characters in length. These posts, also known as “tweets” to Twitter linguists, are posted to the user’s profile and sent to other users who have signed up to receive tweets. (Users who have signed up to receive your tweets are your followers.) While twitter is described as a mini-blogging tool, it’s also a way to maintain interaction with a selected group of people. It allows you to “spread your tentacles” and keep a finger on the pulse of what is important to the people you choose to follow – which poses a great opportunity for brands, companies and professionals in general to connect with and reach out to people (or prospects).

Setting up your Twitter page

Click here to set up a free account at

When you create the account for your insurance business, you will have the option to keep your Twitter feed private. If you select private, only the people you approve to follow you will see your updates. If the strategy behind your Twitter page is to connect with people, you want to make sure your steam is public so anyone can see your posts. Make sure your Twitter feed settings are public.

Twitter tip – Want to customize your Twitter page for your insurance agency? Click here to go to Twitbacks where you can create a free background using your own logo, information and branding.

I’ve created my Twitter page. How do I gain followers?

The best way to attract followers is to post interesting, thought-provoking tweets and react to tweets that you find useful or intriguing. All of this must be done on a regular basis.

When users see that you are routinely posting helpful and informative content, they’re more likely to begin following you. You cannot make someone follow you, but by following other users, linking to content relevant to your industry (insurance, in this case), offering advice and/or professional insight, your Twitter page should begin gaining attention.

Twitter tip – Want to know what people are saying about insurance? Track the word “insurance” with a free service like Tweetbeep or Twitter Search (there are several others) to receive alerts when a user mentions the word insurance in a tweet.

In the next post, I’ll discuss how frequently you should tweet, how to track and respond to what people are tweeting and how to integrate Twitter with other marketing tools you are using.

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