Top 5 event networking tips for insurance agents

In this month’s Agent’s Sales Journal, writer Bill Cates offers his “10 Commandments of Event Networking“.

We’ve narrowed down his list to our top 5 networking tips for insurance agents as listed below.

1) Remember names. I’ve heard that if you say a person’s name 5-10 times, it is easier to commit to memory. During your conversation with a new contact, make an effort to say his or her name as you’re speaking. Now, don’t say it at the beginning and end of every single sentence, but throw it in often enough so that it’s easy to recall.

2) Make introductions. When you’re at an event, think of your current network of people and come up with ways to connect your connections. My circle of connections is very diverse both geographically and professionally, so it’s rare that any of them ever have the opportunity to meet on their own. The Internet makes it easier than ever to share your connections with others. Not to mention, helping friends connect with other trusted professionals in your network is just good karma.

3) To be interesting, be interested. I know you know what I’m talking about. You’re talking with a new person, only to realize he or she is completely looking past you for the next connection or for the next drink refill. Talk about a networking taboo. If you want someone to listen to what you have to say, you have to be interested in what s/he is saying. It’s only polite.

4) Spend time with new people. While it’s natural to gravitate toward your friends, you’ll have much better luck networking (and meeting insurance prospects) by opening up to new people and making new connections. Cates suggests sitting at a table where you know no one. This may seem awkward, but there’s no better way to meet new people than just diving in and introducing yourself.

5) Follow up. The follow up is an area where many people fail. It’s easy to seem interested when you’re interacting face-to-face, but the follow up is where your true colors show. Following up with a contact after your initial meeting shows that you’re interested in maintaining contact with that individual. During the initial meeting, take mental note of reasons to follow up with the person. Perhaps it’s to give him or her information about a book s/he may find helpful or to make an introduction to another contact in your network. Whatever the case, find a reason to follow up – even if it’s just to say “thanks, it was a pleasure meeting you.”

If you’re an insurance agent, you’ve learned that networking is a core component to expanding your insurance business. Use these tips to increase your connections today!

To see all ten of Mr. Cates’ tips, click here.

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