The Nashville Flood of 2010

nashflood1This photo (which is actually a poster that can be purchased here to help flood victims) pretty much sums up the flood our community experienced a few weeks ago. There were a number of areas throughout Tennessee affected by the flood.

We are grateful our business operations were not affected and none of our staff was personally affected.

If you are one of our customers and you were affected by the flood, please get in touch with us to let us know the best way we can help you: 1-800-820-2981 ext. 292.

With an estimated $1.5 billion in flood damages, our city has a long way to rebuild…but we will. And we will bounce back, stronger than ever.

Claire Wilkinson with the Insurance Information Institute gave her insight about how the floods have impacted Tennessee from a home insurance perspective. Click here to read her article.

Steve Anderson, a fellow Tennessee resident, insurance industry authority and Executive Editor of The Anderson Agency Report (TAAR), shares his view on the flood and the power of social media in this post.

To learn how you can help victims of the 2010 Flood, contact The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, the American Red Cross or the United Way.

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