The Leadership Qualities Every Insurance Agent Needs To Know About

We’ve all been a part of one of these organizations at some point in our lives. You’re going along fine, doing your thing, when someone above you sends down an edict that is going to result in longer hours, more difficult labor, and the same amount of pay. Of course, it’s the last part that they hope you don’t notice, but it’s always the first thing you DO notice. And so the process begins. Your job goes from something you either didn’t mind or downright enjoyed to a mind-numbing exercise in crushing your soul.

The longer you stay a part of such situations, the more it causes you to second-guess your ability and knowledge and everything else that makes you, you.

Unfortunately, there are too many muckity-mucks out there making decisions that affect you in such a way. That’s why you need to learn good leadership qualities now, especially all of you insurance agents who plan to one day run an agency of your own. Here are some important qualities to have when learning to become a more effective leader.


Effective leaders know how to motivate

Whenever you scale your insurance business, you won’t do it alone. You will need the help and guidance of your team because you won’t be able to make all decisions with the appropriate level of understanding. You’ll need to be able to recognize talent, nurture it, trust it, and, when necessary, reward it. Find place in your vision for individual achievement. Then, it’ll be easier to get others on board. If they can see the upside for themselves as well as the value they’re bringing to the company, they will be “all-in” when it comes to helping you realize your goals.


Effective leadership uses opportunity to its advantage

Effective leaders are able to recognize the hidden talents of their team as well as the unplanned-for opportunities that arise to benefit their business. They are plugged into what’s going on around them, and they are good at working most situations to their advantage, and they can think on their feet when things don’t work out exactly as they are supposed to.


Effective leaders know the consequences

While effective leadership tends to accentuate positives, it does not stick its head in the sand on the downside of certain decisions. In fact, it uses those potential downsides when evaluating potential team members and investments of time/money. Leaders with this attribute do not live and work in fear, but they don’t shut it out either because they know that it’s possible to turn those fears into even bigger wins.


Effective leadership doesnt run from conflict

Whenever you are trying to achieve a goal that is in your best interests, you will always run into conflicts with others, who do not share your goals. Sometimes those “others” could be the agency you’re working for now. Sometimes they could be the producers and other team members that you choose to hire when you set out on your own. It’s possible to work with others, even where there are conflicting interests. Effective leaders know how to push their advantages and ease back on areas of greater divide.


In Summary

Possessing the qualities of an effective leader will make you more successful whether you’re setting out on your own or you are an individual insurance agent. That’s because effective leaders do not wait for success to find them. They make it happen with the tools and resources at their disposal — and if there are no tools and resources on-hand, they go find them. What are some of your greatest challenges in flexing your leadership muscles? Share your comments and questions below!

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