The 3 P’s insurance agents need to close more sales

scheduleIn Sales 101, most of us learn that persistence is all you need to grow your book of sales. While persistence it certainly important, it’s not the only thing you’ll need to close more policies.

As technology has improved and marketing methods have changed, today’s insurance agent doesn’t need to rely on persistence to close more sales, s/he simply needs to become an organized manager of time.

Time management? Really? Yes. If you realize where you’re spending the most time and see where you’re getting the most for the time you’re spending, you’ll be able to capitalize on those opportunities and see more results.

In her article “How to use effective time management to increase productivity,” Diane Costigan explains how preparing, prioritizing and plotting your day will help you strategize your day by minimizing your time and maximizing your output. Her are a few of her suggestions:

Preparing – Identify all the things that will require your time. Use a to-do list. Keep everything you need to accomplish on that list. Keep it with you at all times so it is readily accessible when new information arises. Consult it several times throughout the day.

Prioritizing – You know all that needs to be done, now figure out the order in which they need to be done.

Who needs it?
What will it entail?
When is it due?
Where does it fit in with the other things on my plate?
Why is it important?
How much do I value this?
You may also choose to categorize them into “wants,” “needs” and “musts.”

Plotting – Now that you know your tasks and you’ve put them in the order in which you need to accomplish them, consider how you are going to do each in the most efficient way. The plotting phase blends preparation and prioritization.

Most importantly, make sure you are flexible. Something almost always inevitably occurs that derails even the most organized time manager. But that’s okay! Just jump right back on track!

Keep in mind that the more efficiently you plan your day, the more time you will have to spend closing sales and exceeding your goals.

There are countless ways to improve time management. If you have a tried and true time management method, please share!

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